UKG Dimensions ‘API Only Named User’ is a dedicated feature that allows user accounts to be assigned for smooth API queries that facilitate system-to-system communication. Designed specifically for accounts that only need API access, these users benefit from things like being exempt from MFA and password requirements.

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In order to improve security, the visibility of the ‘API Only Named User’ checkbox in the People Editor will be controlled by a new Access Control Point (ACP). What you should be aware of is this:

  • On the People Editor page, locate the ‘API Only Named User’ checkbox under ‘Information’ in the ‘Employee’ panel. This checkbox allows people to be designated as ‘System people.’
  • The Logon Profile dropdown is disabled when it is selected. The deactivated Logon Profile will be visible to users whose Function Access Profiles limit access to the ‘API Only Named User’ option.
  • When the ‘API Only Named User’ checkbox is checked, and a person record is saved, a predefined system login profile is automatically assigned.
  • All additional settings are accessible as normal, and the People Editor screen maintains the familiar layout.
  • The person who creates the account must assign the required Access and other profiles to the API-named person to ensure seamless functionality.

This cutting-edge functionality gives users more freedom and control within the UKG Dimensions platform while streamlining system interaction.