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Engage your workforce like never before with our AI-powered HCM Automation solution. Our innovative 2-way SMS solution helps your employees access and submit HCM information through workflow automation and natural language interaction. Unlock the full potential of your workforce with AI today!

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AI-Powered HCM To Elevate the Employee Experience


Transform your employee experience with our AI-powered, two-way SMS solution. Seamlessly communicate important information, gather feedback, monitor satisfaction, complete HCM tasks, and more – all through natural SMS conversations. Say goodbye to tedious forms and app-switching, and empower your workforce with effortless engagement.

With Our SMS-Based HCM Automation Solution, You Can:


Send emergency alerts to employees during a natural disaster or other crises to ensure safety.

Remind employees of upcoming events, meetings, or training sessions.

Automatically complete surveys by capturing employee feedback in their own voice.

Notify employees of important policy changes, benefit updates, or other HR-related news.

Transform HR processes by automating recruiting, onboarding, and other workflows.

It's Time To Put AI To Work
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Enhance Your UKG Software & User Experience
With Customizable CloudApper Solutions

The CloudApper AI platform makes it easy to create and share custom components, applications, and data exchange connectors for UKG solutions with a code-free designer and powerful features.
Artificial Intelligence
Empower frontline workers to easily perform tasks & access data through AI-powered messaging.
Integration Connectors

CloudApper integrates with UKG and any third-party system. Choose from pre-built connectors or easily build them on the fly.

Data Workflows
Transform data and automate processes with CloudApper’s robust workflow builder using forms, triggers, and filters.
UKG Widgets
Embed CloudApper analytics, data capture forms, and more within UKG widgets to create a seamless user experience.
UKG Single Sign-On
Easily access CloudApper solutions with a single click from your UKG homepage with our hassle-free SSO authentication.
Web & Mobile Applications
CloudApper AI automatically creates enterprise-grade web and mobile software with many customization options.
Application Marketplace
Choose from a library of prebuilt, customizable forms and application templates for various use cases that integrate with UKG.
Create modern, story-driven dashboards that combine data from disparate sources to provide deep, real-time insights.
Easily build custom reports with key metrics and KPIs by combining UKG and third-party data using our powerful engine.
Interactive Mobile Messaging
Transform employee experience with our bi-directional engagement solutions, built for any WFM or HCM task.
Digitize your data collection and ditch the spreadsheets by easily creating feature-rich forms using a simple drag and drop editor.

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