Payroll reconciliation in UKG Pro Payroll involves verifying that employees are paid correctly and ensuring any last-minute changes are accurately reflected in the payroll process. To ensure a smooth payroll reconciliation process, having a time clock system like CloudApper AI TimeClock can be beneficial for UKG Pro Payroll users. This system helps track employee work hours accurately, which is crucial for payroll accuracy and reconciliation processes. By integrating CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG Pro, users can streamline their workforce management, improve time capture, and enhance employee self-service capabilities, ultimately facilitating reliable payroll reconciliation and ensuring accurate employee payments.

How AI TimeClock Helps in Payroll

  • Automated Overtime Calculation: CloudApper AI TimeClock automates overtime hours calculation based on predefined rules and regulations, ensuring accurate and compliant tracking for employees working beyond regular hours.
  • Shift Work Management: Efficiently manages shift work by allowing employees to clock in and out according to their designated shifts, providing real-time data on shift durations, and ensuring proper work hours tracking for each shift.
  • Customizable Overtime Policies: Offers customization options for defining specific overtime policies, such as different rates for overtime hours, allowing organizations to tailor the system to meet their unique overtime requirements and regulations.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Captures clock-ins and outs in real time using face biometrics or other methods, providing instant visibility into employee work hours, while making it easier to monitor overtime hours and shift work compliance effectively.
  • Integration with Payroll Processing: Seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro to ensure accurate transfer of overtime hours and shift work data to the payroll system, streamlining payroll processing and ensuring accurate compensation for employees’ overtime and shift work hours.


Value-added Features of AI TimeClock 

  • Streamlined Leave Requests: Simplifies the leave approval process by providing AI-assisted recommendations and automatic notifications, giving employees more control over their time off.
  • Personalized Interactions: AI TimeClock includes an AI Assistant that tailors responses to individual employee preferences using natural language processing (NLP), enhancing employee engagement and autonomy in accessing information and support.
  • Data Capture Forms: CloudApper AI TimeClock offers customizable data capture forms, ensuring employees can provide all necessary information for accurate time tracking and payroll processing.
  • Biometric Time Capture: CloudApper AI TimeClock offers a face biometric time capture option, which is ideal for ensuring accurate employee identification and eliminating “buddy punching.”

These features help employees by providing a user-friendly and efficient time-tracking system, reducing the need for manual intervention, and ensuring accurate payroll processing. They also empower employees by giving them more control over their time tracking and providing real-time data on their work hours.


CloudApper AI TimeClock is a valuable tool for UKG Pro Payroll users to ensure smooth payroll reconciliation. Its features, such as automated overtime calculation, shift work management, and customizable overtime policies, help track employee work hours accurately and streamline the payroll process. By integrating CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG Pro, users can improve workforce management, time capture, and employee self-service capabilities, ultimately facilitating payroll reconciliation and ensuring accurate employee payments. Contact us to learn more.