Organizations handling grants and projects in today’s fast-paced work environment must have efficient time tracking systems. Whether it’s project managers keeping an eye on schedules or employees recording how long things take, precise time tracking is crucial for making sure projects go well and making the most of available resources. Integrating CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) HCM provides cutting-edge solutions for grant and project time tracking, simplifying this procedure.

Understanding Grant and Project Time Tracking

Grant and project time tracking is crucial for all stakeholders, including project managers, grant managers, sponsors, and principal investigators. These personnel are responsible for defining projects, monitoring timelines, allocating resources, managing budgets, and efficiently tracking progress. Balancing objectives across numerous projects while maintaining accurate cost tracking and timeliness is critical to project success.

Professional and hourly workers involved in grant and project work require tools for starting and stopping operations, entering duration data, and tracking milestones. These features allow them to track progress and contribute to project success by coordinating their activities with project objectives and deadlines.

Enhance your frontline workers clock-in/out experience with iPad or tablet-based UKG/Kronos time clock that have features like touchless biometric facial recognition, 24/7 AI assistant, geo-fencing, offline time data capture and self-service features.

CloudApper AI TimeClock: Transforming UKG Time Tracking for Grant and Project Time Tracking

CloudApper AI TimeClock serves as an innovative solution for grant and project time tracking when integrated with UKG/Kronos WFM solutions. Its advanced features cater to the diverse needs of project stakeholders, offering seamless integration, automated time capture, customizable options, and enhanced security measures.

Improve your bottom line and expand employee interaction touchpoints with a flexible solution that runs on standard Android tablets and iPads.

Key Features of CloudApper AI TimeClock for Grant and Project Time Tracking:

Seamless Integration: CloudApper AI TimeClock seamlessly integrates with UKG, eliminating manual data entry errors and ensuring synchronized data flow. This integration streamlines time tracking processes and reduces administrative burdens for project managers and HR professionals.

Automated Time Capture: With CloudApper AI TimeClock, hourly workers can easily start and stop activities, enter duration data, and monitor milestones in real-time. Automated time capture features ensure accurate tracking of work hours, enabling project managers to monitor progress and allocate resources effectively.

Customizable Options: CloudApper AI TimeClock offers customizable options for defining projects, monitoring timelines, and managing resources. Users can tailor the system to meet specific project requirements, ensuring flexibility and scalability as project needs evolve.

Enhanced Security Measures: CloudApper AI TimeClock incorporates advanced security measures such as facial recognition, barcode scanning, and PIN authentication to prevent time theft and ensure secure clock-ins and clock-outs. These features promote trust and compliance within the organization.

CloudApper AI TimeClock adapts to your needs. Customize punch submission methods, data capture forms, and more to seamlessly integrate with your workflows.

Benefits of Integrating CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG Time Clock:

Improved Accuracy: Automated time capture and real-time monitoring features enhance accuracy in grant and project time tracking, reducing errors associated with manual data entry and ensuring precise tracking of work hours.

Enhanced Efficiency: Seamless integration and customizable options streamline time tracking processes, enabling project managers and workers to focus on project tasks and deadlines without being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Cost Optimization: Accurate time tracking and resource allocation insights enable organizations to optimize project budgets and minimize cost overruns. By identifying current status and trends, stakeholders can make informed decisions to ensure projects stay within budgetary constraints.

Increased Productivity: CloudApper AI TimeClock empowers workers to track their activities and monitor project milestones, fostering a sense of accountability and productivity. Real-time data insights enable stakeholders to identify bottlenecks and address productivity issues proactively.


Integrating CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG HCM offers a comprehensive solution for grant and project time tracking, benefiting project managers, grant managers, sponsors, principal investigators, and workers involved in project activities. With its advanced AI powered features, seamless integration, and customizable options, CloudApper AI TimeClock transforms time tracking processes, enhances accuracy, and promotes efficiency and productivity in grant and project management.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, leveraging innovative solutions like CloudApper AI TimeClock is essential for organizations seeking to optimize resource allocation, streamline project workflows, and achieve success in grant and project endeavors. Embrace the future of grant and project time tracking with CloudApper AI TimeClock integration for UKG Time tracking and unlock new possibilities for your organization’s project management success.