Accurately tracking and managing the hourly rates of frontline employees is a critical yet challenging task. Many organizations struggle with outdated systems, manual entries, and complex HR processes, often leading to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. CloudApper’s hrPad emerges as a game-changing solution to this problem. As a UKG integrable solution, hrPad transforms any tablet or iPad into an AI-powered HR service delivery solution. This innovative tool simplifies time capture and payroll calculations and empowers employees with self-service capabilities, ultimately enhancing the overall HR management process.

Challenges of Capturing Hourly Rates of Frontline Employees

Capturing the hourly rates of frontline employees can present many challenges for organizations. The process often involves manual data entry, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. This can lead to payroll inaccuracies, causing employee dissatisfaction and potential legal issues. Furthermore, tracking the hourly rates of employees who work different shifts or roles can add another layer of complexity. This can be particularly challenging for businesses with many frontline workers, requiring a robust system to manage and monitor their hours effectively. In addition, ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations is crucial but can only be possible with a reliable system. Organizations can leverage advanced solutions like CloudApper hrPad for UKG to overcome these challenges. This AI-powered HR service delivery solution not only automates capturing hourly rates but also ensures accuracy and compliance, simplifying HR tasks and reducing the burden on HR teams.

Streamlining Hourly Pay with hrPad

Accurate Time Capture for Fair Pay

The first step in streamlining hourly pay with hrPad is through its accurate time capture feature. This feature allows employees to clock in and out using various methods such as face ID, QR codes, barcodes, or NFC. This precise and convenient time tracking eliminates the need for manual data entry, ensuring that the hours worked by each employee are accurately recorded. This not only ensures fair pay for employees but also reduces the chances of payroll errors, which can lead to disputes and dissatisfaction among the workforce.

Customizable Data Capture for Compliance

In addition to time capture, hrPad also offers customizable data capture. This feature lets organizations capture essential data such as job changes, pay codes, and employee tips. By capturing this data, hrPad ensures compliance with employment regulations, which is crucial when calculating hourly pay. This feature also allows organizations to customize the data capture forms according to their specific needs, making the process more efficient and tailored to their unique HR requirements.

AI-Powered HR Assistance for Pay Queries

Another way hrPad streamlines hourly pay is through its AI-powered HR assistant. This assistant can instantly answer workers’ questions regarding their pay and other HR policies. This saves the HR team time and ensures that employees have immediate access to the information they need. This can increase job satisfaction as employees feel that their pay-related queries are promptly and accurately addressed.


CloudApper hrPad for UKG

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Seamless Integration with Existing HCM

Finally, hrPad seamlessly integrates with existing HCM, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization’s unique HR requirements. This means that calculating and disbursing hourly pay can be automated, reducing the workload on the HR team and minimizing the chances of errors. hrPad can work with any iOS or Android tablet, making it a versatile solution for organizations of all sizes.


In conclusion, hrPad offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining hourly pay. Its features ensure accurate time capture, regulation compliance, prompt resolution of pay queries, and seamless integration with existing HCM. It’s time to say goodbye to complex HR processes and embrace the future of workforce management. Contact us today and let CloudApper’s hrPad transform your HR processes.