Construction sites present distinct timekeeping challenges. Hourly employees encounter challenging working conditions, frequent relocations, and a wide range of responsibilities, which makes conventional timekeeping systems unfeasible. CloudApper AI TimeClock, an iPad/Tablet-based solution that is seamlessly incorporated with UKG, presents itself as a useful tool to tackle these obstacles and enhance construction crew timekeeping.

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Built for Tough Environments

iPad/Tablet based time clock application from CloudApper excels in construction sites as they are less vulnerable to theft or damage. Due to the fact that it operates on any iPad or tablet, a rugged case is sufficient to safeguard it from dust, precipitation, and accidental drops, thereby guaranteeing dependable performance even in arduous environments. Clocking in and out is a convenient process that obviates the necessity for stationary terminals or paper timesheets, which are frequently susceptible to loss or damage.


AI TimeClock for UKG

Charitable Organization Chose Time Capture Solution for UKG

Mobility at Its Core

Construction projects exhibit a dynamic nature, wherein laborers frequently transition between different duties and sites over the course of the day. The mobility of CloudApper enables users to clock in and out from any location on-site, thereby reducing the amount of time squandered on travel to fixed terminals. The inherent flexibility of this system optimizes processes, enhances output, and guarantees precise time recording for every task executed.

Customizable Time Tracking

Construction projects involve an extensive range of activities and tasks. The customization of time monitoring features by CloudApper accommodates this intricacy. By enabling foremen to generate distinct job codes for various duties, employees are able to classify their time with ease. The level of granularity guarantees precise cost allocation and project monitoring, furnishing invaluable insights that facilitate well-informed decision-making.

Additional Advantages

Beyond core functionalities, CloudApper AI TimeClock offers further benefits for construction sites:

  • Offline Functionality: Ensures uninterrupted timekeeping even in areas with limited connectivity.
  • GPS Location Tracking: Verifies work location for accurate time and attendance records.
  • Photo Capture: Documents task completion visually, enhancing accountability and transparency.
  • Real-time Visibility: Provides managers with instant access to timekeeping data, enabling informed workforce management.

Seamless UKG Integration

CloudApper seamlessly integrates with UKG, ensuring smooth data flow between timekeeping and payroll systems. This eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and streamlines payroll processing.


On construction sites, the CloudApper AI TimeClock surpasses the constraints of conventional timekeeping techniques. The mobility, durability, and customizability of this technology enable employees to be more productive, optimize processes, and offer managers valuable insights. CloudApper provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing timekeeping and workforce administration in the ever-evolving construction industry through its seamless integration with UKG.