Employee time clocks have long been a staple in organizations such as those in manufacturing, retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, and others. Time clocks play a vital role for organizations and serve different purposes – something that we’ll explore in a bit. In fact, some laws require organizations to use timekeeping methods. UKG, formerly known as Kronos, is renowned for its robust time clock solutions that meet the employee time-tracking needs of organizations. However, some organizations require more than traditional time clocks – many organizations require attestations, job transfers, or bulk punch options to meet their unique requirements. Also, UKG/Kronos time clocks can be expensive to use and maintain. In short, such organizations need custom time capture solutions that not only meet their needs but can also integrate easily with their existing UGK solution.

CloudApper ensures the best of both worlds for organizations that use UKG for employee time tracking. CloudApper offers the perfect combination of customization and integration while being compatible with any Android or iOS device, making CloudApper’s time capture solution perfect for replacing UKG/Kronos time clocks – let’s explore.

Why Organizations Use Employee Time Clocks

Employee time clocks help organizations record employee attendance, track work hours, and accurately process payroll. They also enable organizations to monitor employee productivity and ensure compliance with labor laws since timekeeping is needed for calculating payroll. Time clocks are particularly useful for healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality industries, where accurate time tracking is critical for shift-based employees.

Many Organizations Use UKG/Kronos Time Clocks

Over the years, UKG/Kronos has earned a reputation for providing organizations with robust time clocks. UKG/Kronos time clocks have become an industry standard and are serving the needs of countless organizations worldwide.

While UKG/Kronos time clocks are powerful, some organizations have additional requirements that are critical for their operations. For instance, businesses might need features like attestations, job transfers, employee verification, or compatibility with different devices – time clocks can be expensive. Custom time capture solutions offer the flexibility to cater to these diverse needs, ensuring optimal time management and accurate employee tracking – that’s precisely what CloudApper provides.

CloudApper Provides Custom Time Capture Solutions for UKG

CloudApper provides custom time capture solutions that seamlessly integrate with UKG. This integration allows UKG customers to leverage the power of both systems and use a custom time capture process that meets their needs. CoudApper’s time capture solutions seamlessly exchange data with UKG – making it a perfect match.

Let’s dive deep into why CloudApper stands out as an ideal alternative to UKG/Kronos time clocks:

  • Employee Verification: CloudApper’s custom time capture solutions support different employee verification methods, including facial biometrics, QR codes, barcodes, and NFC (Near Field Communication). This ensures that the correct employee is punching in or out and not someone else – minimizing time theft or buddy punching.
  • Seamless Integration: CloudApper seamlessly integrates with UKG, ensuring a smooth flow of employee data between the systems. With CloudApper, everything is automated, eliminating manual data entry, reducing administrative burden, and minimizing human errors.
  • Compatibility with Any Device: CloudApper’s custom time capture solution is fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible and cost-effective for organizations that need them. Time clocks can be expensive compared to Android tablets or iPads – making CloudApper a reliable and affordable option.
  • Attestations: CloudApper enables organizations to add custom attestations to the time capture process. This feature captures critical information related to employee health, safety protocols, or compliance acknowledgments, ensuring adherence to specific industry requirements.
  • Job Transfers: For organizations that have employees with multiple jobs or employees working across different locations, CloudApper simplifies job transfers within the time capture process. Employees can easily switch between jobs or locations whenever they punch in or out, ensuring accurate work-hour calculations for each job.
  • Easy Customizations: With CloudApper, modifying the employee time capture process is quick and easy. Not only can CloudApper add all of the above, but it adds modifications like helping employees punch in or out from their own devices, adding geofencing, and more.

All in all, CloudApper’s custom time capture solutions help UKG customers with affordable alternatives to Kronos time clocks – making the best use of both UKG and CloudApper to help with employee punches, streamline payroll processing, and more.

Use CloudApper now to Replace Kronos Time Clocks

Custom time capture solutions are essential for organizations that require more than just a traditional time clock. CloudApper offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with UKG/Kronos, providing organizations with the best of both worlds. With features like attestations, job transfers, employee verification, and compatibility with any Android or iOS device, CloudApper’s custom time capture solution offers an affordable and reliable alternative to UKG/Kronos time clocks. Embrace CloudApper’s flexibility and integration capabilities to enhance your time capture process, streamline operations, and maximize workforce productivity by contacting us today.