Efficient workforce management is crucial for achieving success. One effective tool that manufacturing industries can utilize to optimize their operations is the CloudApper AI TimeClock, which is mainly used in conjunction with iPads or tablets as a time clock system. Here are five convincing reasons why manufacturing industries should seriously consider adopting this time clock for UKG/Kronos HCM.

Our AI-powered TimeClock solution for UKG, Kronos works with any iOS or Android tablet for employee punch submissions, self-service, and more – creating a versatile solution for optimizing workforce management.

Efficient Workforce Management

The CloudApper time clock revolutionizes how manufacturing companies manage their workforce. This streamlines managing employee schedules, calculating payrolls, and exporting time sheets to UKG HCM, making timekeeping easier for both in-office and frontline workers. By utilizing the iPad’s touchscreen, employees can effortlessly log their work hours, eliminating the need for manual data entry or complicated timesheets. This saves the business time and resources and guarantees precise and dependable tracking of employee work hours.

Enhanced Employee Self-Service

Enabling employees with immediate access to their hours is essential for creating a productive and motivated workforce. The CloudApper TimeClock allows employees to track their time and easily ensure accuracy. Furthermore, it provides personalized HR policy and benefits information that employees can easily access, removing the need to contact HR for routine inquiries. This level of self-service boosts employee satisfaction while allowing HR professionals to devote more time to strategic initiatives.

Precise Timekeeping and Decreased Labor Expenses

Precise timekeeping is crucial for manufacturing companies to gain insights into their team’s productivity and efficiently allocate resources. The CloudApper AI TimeClock guarantees accurate timekeeping down to the second for employee work hours, minimizing mistakes and offering a transparent view of workforce productivity. In addition, its seamless integration with UKG HCM and payroll systems ensures no discrepancies when digitally transferring time sheets. This leads to precise payroll calculations and lower labor costs. Manufacturing companies can enhance their workforce management processes and achieve significant cost savings through this.

Ensuring Adherence to Labor Laws

Manufacturing organizations must adhere to labor laws and regulations. The CloudApper Time Clock is designed to assist businesses in maintaining compliance by precisely monitoring employee work hours, breaks, and overtime hours. The GPS and geofencing features help ensure that workers work at their designated locations, adding an extra layer of accountability. Manufacturing companies can effectively manage compliance and minimize legal problems within the UKG HCM, ensuring a solid reputation for ethical business practices.

Our AI-powered TimeClock solution for UKG, Kronos and ADP works with any iOS or Android tablet for employee punch submissions, self-service, and more.

Affordable Solution

Utilizing the CloudApper AI TimeClock as a time clock system offers a cost-effective solution for manufacturing industries. Off-the-shelf tablets with multiple authentication options can save businesses money compared to hardware-based clock systems. In addition, the subscription model provides flexibility and scalability, enabling companies to adjust to evolving workforce requirements while staying within budget easily.


Utilizing iPads or tablets with the CloudApper AI TimeClock can completely transform workforce management for manufacturing industries. With efficient scheduling and accurate timekeeping, enhanced employee self-service, and compliance with labor laws, the integrated UKG HCM provides a comprehensive toolkit for optimizing operations and driving success in the competitive manufacturing landscape. Manufacturing businesses that embrace change and technology will be well-positioned for long-term growth and success. Contact us today for more information.