A famous donut company with 100+ locations in the US is a current WFC (Workforce Central) customer looking to migrate to UKG Dimensions later this year. However, their current 4500 time clock model, commonly used with WFC, will not work with UKG Dimensions.

Simplifying the Transition to UKG Dimensions With RightPunch

This is where CloudApper’s RightPunch comes in as a custom time capture solution, fully compatible with both WFC and UKG Dimensions. RightPunch is a powerful solution that enables accurate timekeeping and workforce management for businesses of all sizes. It supports both face and fingerprint biometrics and is known for having the most accurate face-matching system in the world. This means that employees can quickly and easily clock in and out of work with minimal hassle and no room for error.

One of the critical advantages of RightPunch is that it runs on standard Android and iOS devices, making it cost-effective option. This is particularly advantageous for businesses looking to continue using their current time clocks for extended periods, as it eliminates the need for additional investments that would not be compatible with UKG Dimensions.

Besides, due to RightPunch’s complete customizability, it can be modified to fit the specific requirements of each organization. This implies that users can continue utilizing the solution even after migrating to UKG Dimensions, making the transition process significantly more seamless.

In addition to RightPunch, CloudApper provides experienced UKG solution consultants to assist customers with the transition. These consultants are experts in the UKG APIs and customer business requirements for WFM and HCM and can help customers navigate the complex process of upgrading to UKG Dimensions.

Moreover, the CloudApper platform offers more than just time clock functionality. It enables businesses to tailor UKG solutions to meet their specific requirements quickly. With the help of CloudApper, users can develop custom BI dashboards and reports, automate workflows, and construct complete web and mobile applications like RightPunch without programming. This is an incredible advantage for businesses looking to streamline their operations and take their workforce management to the next level.


To summarize, UKG customers using WFC may be stressed out by the upcoming end of support for the software on December 31, 2025. However, implementing solutions such as RightPunch can provide businesses with a dependable and reasonably priced time capture solution that will last well into the future. With the help of knowledgeable UKG solution consultants and the adaptability of the CloudApper platform, switching to UKG Dimensions can be a simple and trouble-free process. 

So if you want to take your workforce management to the next level, check out RightPunch and many other innovative solutions offered by CloudApper.