Efficiency and actionable data stand as pillars for organizational success. CloudApper AI TimeClock, extending beyond timekeeping, seamlessly integrates with UKG to provide a comprehensive solution that empowers both employees and HR professionals. One of its standout features is custom forms, transforming routine processes into opportunities for engagement, performance development, and streamlined workflows.

Unlocking the Power of Custom Forms

CloudApper AI TimeClock introduces a range of customizable forms designed to enhance various aspects of employee engagement and HR management. Let’s explore these featured forms and how they contribute to a more efficient and engaged workforce:

  1. Pre-shift Safety Checklists:

   – Prioritize employee well-being by implementing pre-shift safety checklists.

   – Ensure adherence to safety protocols, promoting a secure work environment.

  1. Equipment Check-in/Out:

   – Streamline equipment management and enhance accountability.

   – Improve efficiency by automating the tracking of equipment usage and availability.

  1. Clear Task Assignments:

   – Boost employee focus and efficiency from the beginning of each shift.

   – Ensure everyone is on the same page with clearly defined task assignments.

  1. Real-time Project Updates:

   – Facilitate communication and proactive issue resolution.

   – Keep teams informed with real-time updates on project statuses and milestones.

  1. Accurate Break Logs:

   – Guarantee fair payroll calculations and regulatory compliance.

   – Automated break logs eliminate discrepancies and ensure adherence to labor regulations.

  1. Training Completion Confirmations:

   – Verify compliance and identify ongoing training needs.

   – Track training progress and automatically confirm completion through the TimeClock.

  1. Incident Reports:

   – Prompt swift action on safety concerns and improvements.

   – Report incidents promptly, enabling quick response and preventive measures.

  1. Self-Evaluations:

   – Drive employee ownership and performance development.

   – Empower employees to engage actively in their professional growth through self-evaluations.

Benefits for HR

  1. Reduced Administrative Burden:

   – Eliminate paper forms and manual data entry.

   – Save time and resources by automating routine administrative tasks.

  1. Deeper Insights:

   – Gain valuable data for informed decision-making.

   – Leverage analytics from form data to understand trends and patterns.

  1. Improved Compliance:

   – Ensure adherence to regulations and company policies.

   – Maintain compliance effortlessly with automated data tracking.

  1. Enhanced Employee Engagement:

   – Empower employees with ownership and feedback opportunities.

   – Foster a positive workplace culture by involving employees in their development journey.

  1. Streamlined Workflows:

   – Automate data transfer to UKG for seamless payroll and performance management.

   – Integrate seamlessly with UKG, ensuring data accuracy and efficiency in HR processes.

Additional Features of CloudApper AI TimeClock:

  1. Facial Recognition Technology:

   – Enhance security and accuracy in timekeeping with AI-powered facial recognition.

   – Eliminate the need for manual clock-ins and prevent time fraud.

  1. Geo-fencing for Location Tracking:

   – Ensure employees are where they need to be with geo-fencing capabilities.

   – Monitor attendance and track work hours based on predefined geographical boundaries.

  1. Shift Scheduling and Attendance Alerts:

   – Simplify shift management with integrated scheduling features.

   – Receive alerts for attendance anomalies, enabling timely intervention.


Q1: How does CloudApper AI TimeClock enhance security?

A1: CloudApper AI TimeClock employs facial recognition technology to ensure accurate and secure timekeeping, preventing buddy punching and unauthorized clock-ins.

Q2: How does the integration with UKG benefit HR processes?

A2: The seamless integration with UKG automates data transfer, minimizing payroll and performance management errors while providing a centralized HR task platform.

Q3: What measures are in place to ensure data compliance?

A3: CloudApper AI TimeClock follows industry-standard data protection measures and compliance protocols, ensuring the security and confidentiality of employee data.

Q4: How does the system handle break times?

A4: The system ensures accurate break logs, automatically tracking break times to facilitate fair payroll calculations and compliance with labor regulations.


CloudApper AI TimeClock with custom forms catalyzes employee engagement, streamlines workflows, and drives data-driven decision-making. Organizations can foster a productive and positive work environment by leveraging its innovative features and seamless integration with UKG. Ready to revolutionize your workforce management? Contact us today to explore the transformative capabilities of AI-driven employee engagement in the UKG ecosystem.