UKG. It’s the HR software dream: payroll is done automatically, workflows are optimized, and employee data is flawless. But before UKG does its magic, you must first input your employees’ data. And, let’s be honest: managing employee data in a busy business can be like juggling cats on roller skates.

CloudApper hrPad is here to save you from the agony of tedious data entry. This game changer transforms any tablet or iPad into a digital HR service powerhouse, ready to perform UKG data entry automatically. 

The Struggle is Real: The HR Paperwork Dilemma

As mentioned before, UKG, formerly known as Ultimate Kronos Group, is a powerhouse in managing workforce solutions, but even the best systems need quality data to function at their peak. That’s where many organizations hit a snag. Capturing employee data, especially in large numbers, can be tricky. On top of that, there is a risk of human error while capturing employee data. 

Reduce HR Paperwork with CloudApper hrPad.

Here’s how the hrPad tablet/iPad works its magic:

Attendance Accuracy: Clocking in and out is as simple as a tap on the screen. Replace manual time card entries with biometric attendance from hrPad.

Automated Data Capture: From the moment an employee clocks in, hrPad is on the job, capturing every punch, break, and overtime hour.

Real-Time Updates: Shift schedules, job transfers, and pay codes are updated in the blink of an eye, keeping everyone on the same page.

Feedback Collection: Employee feedback is gold, and hrPad mines it efficiently through quick pulse surveys.

AI-Powered Efficiency: HRPad has an AI assistant that doesn’t just work hard; it works smart, ensuring quick and accurate responses to employees’ HR queries.

Job Transfers: Need to shuffle the deck? hrPad simplifies job transfers with a paperless process that keeps everyone in the loop.

Pay Codes: Updating pay codes? No sweat! hrPad handles it seamlessly, ensuring everyone gets paid correctly (and on time!).

Attestation: Documents galore? hrPad streamlines the attestation process, capturing signatures and approvals electronically.

The Smoothest UKG Integration:

hrPad doesn’t just capture data! All that employee data you so meticulously collected? hrPad whisks it straight into UKG, prepped and ready for the software to work its magic. No more manual data entry errors. No more copy-pasting marathons. Just seamless integration and smooth sailing for your HR team.


Q: Does hrPad work with all UKG editions?

A: Yes! hrPad is compatible with all UKG editions so that you can reap the benefits regardless of your plan.

Q: Is hrPad secure?

A: Absolutely! hrPad takes data security seriously, with robust encryption and access controls to keep your employee information safe.

Q: Is hrPad easy to use?

Easier than pie! hrPad’s intuitive interface is designed for everyone, from tech-savvy millennials to analog veterans.


Stop drowning in paperwork and unlock the full potential of UKG with CloudApper hrPad. It’s time to say goodbye to manual data entry, hello to streamlined HR processes, and hola to a happier, more productive workforce. So, what are you waiting for? Order your free demo of hrPad today and experience the paperless HR revolution firsthand!