In order to effectively manage employee attendance, payroll, and general productivity, time tracking is an essential component of workforce management. The question of whether or not UKG Pro can be used for timekeeping arises as more and more businesses use sophisticated HR software. We’ll take a look at UKG Pro’s time tracking features and present CloudApper AI Time Clock as a robust supplementary tool for better time management.

Understanding UKG Pro

Formerly known as Ultimate Software, UKG Pro is an all-inclusive HCM system that streamlines HR processes from new hire on to retirement. It has several useful functions, such as payroll, benefits management, performance analysis, and timekeeping. UKG Pro is flexible enough to meet the demands of a wide range of enterprises by letting them design their own HR ecosystem from the ground up.

Clocking In and Out on UKG Pro

Employees can punch in and out with ease thanks to the time tracking features built into UKG Pro. The platform’s time tracking feature allows staff to reliably record their working hours, facilitating more accurate attendance records and, by extension, payroll. Physical time clocks, online clock-ins, and mobile apps for remote workers are just some of the time tracking options available with UKG Pro.

While UKG Pro’s time monitoring capabilities are extensive, certain companies may benefit more from implementing dedicated time clock solutions. Here, CloudApper AI Time Clock plays an important role as an integrated add-on to UKG Pro.

Introducing CloudApper AI Time Clock

CloudApper AI Time Clock is a time tracking tool driven by artificial intelligence that complements UKG Pro to improve time management. This Tablet/iPad-based software helps firms streamline and simplify HR processes like tracking employee time and attendance. The CloudApper AI Time Clock has several useful features and benefits, which we will discuss in this article:

AI-Powered Accuracy: By relying on cutting-edge AI algorithms, CloudApper AI Time Clock guarantees accurate time monitoring and does away with human mistakes in clocking in and out. This helps organizations keep reliable records of employee attendance, which is essential for proper payroll processing.

Seamless Integration: Integrating CloudApper AI Time Clock with UKG Pro is a breeze, and the two apps can share and sync data in real time. This maintains data consistency across all HR operations and removes the need for human data entry.

How To Setup Push Notification For MissedDuplicate Punches In UKG Ready Time Clock

Geofencing and Location Tracking: Incorporating geofencing with CloudApper AI Time Clock allows businesses to establish digital perimeters inside which employees must clock in. This function guarantees that workers may only clock in when they are actually present at the office, which reduces the possibility of time fraud and increases employee responsibility.

Mobile Accessibility: Employees may clock in and out from anywhere using the mobile app provided by CloudApper AI Time Clock. This is especially useful for companies that utilize a mobile or remote workforce since it makes it possible to keep track of working hours without respect to employees’ whereabouts.

Automated Timesheets: The necessity for timesheets has been eliminated with the help of CloudApper AI Time Clock. Saving time for both employees and HR staff, the technology creates precise timesheets based on clock-in and clock-out data.

Compliance and Reporting: By keeping precise time records, CloudApper AI Time Clock helps firms adhere to labor requirements. It also has robust reporting capabilities, so HR administrators may examine attendance trends and make informed decisions.


Keeping track of employees’ time is crucial for any manager looking to run a tight ship. Many firms can benefit from UKG Pro’s extensive time tracking features. CloudApper AI Time Clock, on the other hand, is a useful extension to UKG Pro for businesses that value efficiency and precision in time management.

CloudApper AI Time Clock uses AI to provide accurate time tracking, connection with UKG Pro, geofencing features, mobile/tablet/iPad app access, and timesheet automation. This cloud-based software helps organizations save time and energy by providing them with reliable information for informed decision-making.

In conclusion, by integrating UKG Pro with CloudApper AI Time Clock, organizations may maximize their human resource (HR) efficiency and maximize the productivity of their staff. Utilize AI-powered time monitoring to catapult your business to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.