In the fast-paced and always-changing business world, UKG solution users can no longer use manual shift management. With digital transformation becoming more popular and the need for automation growing. That’s why it’s important for businesses to streamline their operations and find better ways to manage employee schedules.

Manual Shift Management Creates Chaos

Manual shift management can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes, which can cause businesses to have a number of problems. We’ll talk about why manual shift management doesn’t work in today’s business world and why UKG users should think about automated solutions instead.


Manual shift management can take a lot of time and a lot of physical work. Making schedules, keeping them up-to-date, and telling employees about changes can take a lot of time that could be better spent on other business tasks.


When shifts are managed by hand, mistakes can happen. When schedules are made, when changes are made, or when employees are told about changes, mistakes can happen. These mistakes can lead to having too many or too few workers, scheduling problems, and unhappy employees.


Managing shifts by hand is also not flexible. Once schedules are made, it can be hard to make changes, and it can be even harder to let employees know about those changes. This rigidity can make it hard for businesses to adjust to changes in their business or to meet the needs of their employees.

How Shift Confirmation for UKG Can Help

The Shifts Confirmation Solution for UKG is an important step in automating shift management and reducing the inefficiencies that can arise from doing manually. Over or understaffing, missed or double-booked shifts and last-minute callouts are all potential pitfalls of manually managing employees’ shift schedules.

Seamless Integration 

Using the CloudApper connector for UKG, you can get employee schedule information right away from your UKG solution. This means you don’t have to enter any information by hand. CloudApper then sends out reminders to employees a long time before their shifts start, asking them to confirm that they will be available. If an employee says “no” or doesn’t respond within five minutes, an automated alert is sent so managers can take action and make sure the shift is covered.

Cover workforce gaps

CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation for UKG also helps managers better manage workforce coverage gaps by giving them real-time information about possible absences. The customized solution workflows can fit into any business needs, and notifications sent over SMS, email, Slack, Mattermost, or similar messaging apps.

Easy to manage

Shift Confirmation for UKG can be used to automate shift management, which makes managers’ jobs much easier. This helps to free them up to work on other important things, like employee development and business strategy. Businesses can run more efficiently and effectively if managers don’t have to worry about managing shifts. This reduces the chance of mistakes and improves the overall experience for employees.

In today’s business world, managing shifts manually is no longer an option. There are just too many risks and costs with manual shift management. Using a tool like CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation for UKG to automate shift management can help businesses run more efficiently and effectively, reduce the chance of mistakes, and improve the overall experience for employees. With the help of AI and automation, businesses can react quickly to changes that didn’t come up in advance and make changes to their staff accordingly. This leads to higher productivity, better scheduling, happier employees, and lower labor costs.