No-call, no-show (NCNS) events act as an unseen specter, haunting operational efficiency and impacting organizational success. These unexpected absences disrupt workflows, strain teams, and lead to financial losses, posing a significant challenge for businesses across industries. For HR teams wielding UKG HCM solutions, minimizing the impact of NCNS events becomes a crucial objective, requiring proactive strategies and effective tools. This is where CloudApper AI’s Shift Optimization solution steps in, offering a data-driven and AI-powered approach to combat the ever-present challenge of NCNS events. It acts as a proactive shield, empowering UKG users to implement preventative measures and navigate the complexities of workforce management.

Quantifying the Cost of Unpredictable Absences

Statistics reveal the disruptive nature of NCNS events, with studies estimating they can cost organizations 5-7% of their annual payroll. This equates to significant financial losses, decreased productivity, and a strained work environment. The domino effect of an unplanned absence impacts operations, customer service, and, ultimately, the organization’s bottom line.

Shift Optimization: A Proactive Response

CloudApper AI’s Shift Optimization leverages the power of artificial intelligence to predict and address potential NCNS events before they disrupt operations.

Here’s how it works:

  • Predicts NCNS Cases: The solution integrates seamlessly with UKG HCM, extracting crucial employee schedules and historical attendance data. Employing advanced AI algorithms, Shift Optimization identifies employees with a higher risk of NCNS based on past behavior, enabling proactive intervention.
  • Preemptive Communication: Shift Optimization reaches out to these employees through preferred communication channels (SMS, email, Slack, etc.). These reminders prompt employees to confirm their upcoming shift availability, fostering communication and engagement.
  • Early Warning System: Any discrepancy between confirmed availability and scheduled shifts triggers immediate alerts to designated managers. This foresight empowers them to implement proactive strategies, such as finding replacement staff to prevent disruptions.

CloudApper AI’s Shift Optimization Empowers Flexibility and Efficiency

Shift Optimization does more than deter the effects of NCNS events by offering additional functionalities that enhance overall workforce management:

  • Seamless Shift Swapping: The platform facilitates secure and user-friendly peer-to-peer shift exchanges (pending the manager’s approval), empowering employees to accommodate unforeseen changes and colleagues to pick up extra hours, fostering flexibility and team collaboration.
  • Transparent Shift Bidding: The solution eliminates manual shift assignments by enabling employees to bid on open shifts based on their qualifications and preferences. This transparency and control lead to increased engagement and optimal skillset allocation across every shift.
  • Automated Processes: By automating tedious tasks like shift assignments, availability tracking, and swap management, Shift Optimization frees valuable HR time for strategic initiatives. This enhances operational efficiency and minimizes human error.

How CloudApper AI Helps UKG Users

The integration of CloudApper AI’s Shift Optimization with UKG HCM solutions creates a powerful partnership, elevating HCM automation to a new level. It empowers HR teams to:

  • Reduce Costs: Proactive NCNS prevention and optimized shift management contribute to significant cost savings, minimizing financial losses and boosting the bottom line.
  • Enhance Productivity: By ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time, Shift Optimization optimizes operations, minimizes disruptions, and maximizes work output.
  • Improve Employee Experience: The solution fosters employee engagement and satisfaction by offering flexibility, control, and transparent communication, leading to a positive work environment.


CloudApper AI’s Shift Optimization helps combat the effects of NCNS events, prevent productivity disruptions, and achieve unparalleled operational efficiency. Contact CloudApper AI today to schedule a demo and discover how it can empower your HCM processes and pave the way for a brighter future.