Shift-based workers have been playing a crucial role for many organizations across the US for several years. In fact, the retail industry is unimaginable without shift workers – it’d be a nightmare without them! Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen factors, such as the pandemic, there has been a decline in the demand for shift workers for the past few years. However, things are finally turning around, and they have been in demand recently in the United States. According to recent statistics from UKG, shift work increased by 1.0% in May 2023, experiencing its most significant surge since late 2021. Effective shift management becomes paramount as more retailers hire shift workers to meet operational needs and cater to customer demands. Having said that, let’s explore shift scheduling tools, how retailers traditionally manage employee shift schedules, the disadvantages of manual shift management, and how the CloudApper Solution Community for UKG provides the ultimate shift management tool for retailers.

The Importance of a Shift Management Tool

To effectively manage employee shift schedules, retailers need to have powerful shift scheduling tools. These tools enable businesses to efficiently view, organize, manage, and automate employee shift management. With the right shift management tools, organizations can ensure proper staffing, optimize employee productivity, reduce disruptions, minimize errors, reduce costs, and maintain a harmonious work-life balance.

How Retailers Currently Manage Employee Shift Schedules

While retailers already use robust solutions such as UKG software for workforce management, many still rely on manual methods, such as spreadsheets, paper-based schedules, and phone calls to manage employee shift schedules. These methods are time-consuming, prone to errors, and lack real-time updates – disrupting operations. As the number of shift workers increases, the complexity of scheduling becomes overwhelming, making manual processes inefficient and unsustainable.

Let’s explore some of the disadvantages of using manual shift management that highlight why retailers need to upgrade to a robust solution like CloudApper’s AI-powered Employee Shift Optimization for UKG.

The Disadvantages of Manual Shift Management

Using manual shift management tools poses several challenges for retailers.

  • Manual processes require extensive time and effort to create and update schedules, leading to administrative burdens and potential errors.
  • Communication gaps may arise when notifying employees about their shifts, leading to confusion and possible no-show events.
  • Manually managing shift swaps and vacation requests can be cumbersome and result in miscommunication or scheduling conflicts.

All in all, a manual shift management tool will lead to inefficiencies, discrepancies, disruptions, human errors, higher costs, and even customer dissatisfaction. Fortunately, CloudApper’s Shift Optimization can help retailers using UKG software – let’s see how!

CloudApper Provides the Perfect Shift Management Tool for UKG Users

CloudApper’s Shift Optimization solution for UKG provides retailers with a comprehensive shift management tool that simplifies and streamlines employee shift scheduling processes, among other things. CloudApper’s solutions seamlessly integrate with UKG software, making it ideal for retailers using their software.

With its three vital customizable components – Shift Confirmation, Shift Bidding, and Shift Swapping – retailers using UKG can optimize shift management practices, overcome the challenges associated with manual methods, and manage the upcoming surge of shift workers within their organizations.

Shift Confirmation

Shift Confirmation for UKG automates the process of confirming employee shift attendance. Using AI technology, the CloudApper solution identifies employees with upcoming shifts. It sends them a message via SMS, email, or messaging apps (whichever the organization prefers), asking them whether they’ll be attending their shifts. This proactive approach ensures that managers are alerted in advance of any last-minute absences, allowing them to schedule replacements and handle time-off requests before shifts begin and prevent chaos associated with employee no-shows.

Shift Bidding

Shift Bidding for UKG empowers employees to actively participate in bidding for open shifts easily. CloudApper’s AI identifies employees that are applicable for the open shifts and notifies them about the shifts via whichever communication channel is preferred by the UKG customer. This not only enhances employee engagement but also ensures that open shifts are filled efficiently without any human errors, avoiding understaffing or overstaffing issues. Moreover, organizations can even use Shift Bidding (and all the Shift Optimization solutions) via SMS, making it extremely easy for employees to use.

Shift Swapping

CloudApper’s Shift Swapping for UKG enables employees to request and manage shift swaps seamlessly. With just a few taps on their mobile devices, employees easily initiate shift swap requests, search for eligible colleagues, and finalize shift swaps with their manager’s approval – digitizing the entire process. This functionality reduces administrative burden and ensures smooth shift transitions without sacrificing operational efficiency or causing disruptions.

Tackle the Shift Worker Surge With the Perfect Shift Management Tool for UKG

As the demand for shift workers continues to rise in the retail industry, UKG users must adopt efficient and automated shift management solutions like CloudApper’s one. Such a solution can help them navigate challenges associated with managing an increasing workforce.

CloudApper’s Shift Optimization for UKG offers comprehensive features that address the unique needs of retailers that have increasing shift workers. By leveraging the power of Shift Confirmation, Shift Bidding, and Shift Swapping, retailers can streamline shift management processes, improve employee engagement, and ensure optimal workforce coverage. Retailers can confidently manage the shift worker boom and drive success in their operations – contact us today to learn how we can help.