As companies continue to put a high value on employee engagement and happiness, it has become important for a company’s success to understand how its employees perform. To better assess employee performance, UKG users are increasingly turning to CloudAppers’s Custom Dashboards for easy visualization of key data.

Understanding Employee Performance Using Custom Dashboards

Keeping tabs on employee productivity as a company is a difficult task. Measuring employee performance the old-fashioned way can be tedious, and it may not yield useful insights that can be used to motivate change. Managers and HR personnel may have difficulty accessing and analyzing performance data without a custom dashboard. CloudApper is an extremely adaptable platform for enhancing UKG solutions, and as such, it provides a number of bespoke dashboards that can be modified to suit the specific requirements of any given business. CloudApper has developed the BI Dashboard solution for UKG that can help managers keep track of and analyze staff output.

Infographics showing Custom Dashboards For UKGPredictive Analytics Dashboard

The predictive analytics dashboard is one of its most well-liked dashboards because of its ability to track important metrics like employee satisfaction and productivity. Managers can find out which employees are most likely to quit or do a bad job by looking at data about what they do.

Compensation Dashboard

Another popular one is the compensation dashboard, which summarizes and organizes all salary bands and classifications for each given workforce. Using this dashboard, businesses can monitor pay equity and correct any pay disparities they find.

Information Dashboard

The employee information dashboard gives you a birds-eye perspective of each worker’s tenure and productivity in the company. With this dashboard, supervisors can quickly see who is doing a good job and take the right steps to thank them for their hard work.

Workforce Diversity Dashboard

Workplace issues of race, gender, and ethnicity are all targets of the workforce diversity dashboard. Businesses can help create a place where all employees feel valued and respected by looking at statistics about diversity and inclusion.

Recruitment Dashboard

The recruitment dashboard ultimately aids businesses in finding schools that consistently produce high-quality workers. Managers can better attract and retain top talent by examining data related to the recruitment process.

When it comes to making decisions on employee performance, data-driven custom dashboards are a must-have for any company. CloudApper makes it easy for businesses to make personalized dashboards that show useful information about how employees work and what they do.

Benefits Of Using Custom DashboardsBenefits Of Using Custom Dashboards For Monitoring Employee Performance

Custom dashboards give managers instant access to information about how their employees are doing. This makes it easier to find underachievers and helps them improve. It’s beneficial for businesses to have a personalized dashboard to track employee performance since it allows them to:

Real-time Visibility: Custom dashboards let managers see how employees are doing in real-time, so they can quickly find those who aren’t doing well and fix the problem.

Cloud-Based: Custom dashboards make it easy to keep track of employee performance data in one place, so you don’t have to look through different systems to find what you need.

Customizable: Custom dashboards are flexible and can be designed to meet specific business needs. This means that organizations can track the KPIs that are most relevant to their goals.

Improved Decision-Making: Custom dashboards provide insights into specific areas of employee performance that may be overlooked in traditional performance management methods. This allows managers to make informed decisions that drive improvements in employee performance.

Saving time: Custom dashboards save time because they automate the collection and display of data about how well employees are doing. This allows managers to focus on analyzing the data and making informed decisions rather than spending time collecting and organizing data.

Personalized dashboards are a potent resource for gaining insight into employee productivity. CloudApper makes it simple for UKG users to have interactive dashboards that show how employee actions and output affect the company’s bottom line. To learn more about the solution please get in touch with us.