The amusement industry thrives on creating magical memories for guests of all ages. Behind the scenes, ensuring a seamless guest experience relies heavily on efficient workforce management. Accurate timekeeping is crucial for smooth operations in the amusement industry. The various types of entertainment centers require precise staffing levels and satisfied employees to meet customer demand. Imagine long wait times for rides due to understaffing or key positions left unfilled during peak hours. Inefficient time and attendance tracking can lead to operational chaos, frustrated guests, and, ultimately, a negative impact on the bottom line. The AI-powered CloudApper hrPad for UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions) is already helping amusement centers with their unique requirements – let’s see how!

Unique Timekeeping Challenges in the Amusement Industry

Managing employee time and attendance in the amusement industry presents unique challenges compared to traditional office environments. Here are a few key factors to consider:

Fluctuating Hours

Schedules often adapt to seasonal peaks and valleys. Busy summer months require extended hours, while weekdays during the off-season might see shorter shifts.

Part-Time Workforce

Amusement centers often rely heavily on part-time staff, particularly students, who may have flexible schedules or work on weekends and evenings.

Shift Changes and Openings

The fast-paced nature of the industry can necessitate frequent schedule adjustments to address unforeseen circumstances or staff call-outs. Quickly filling open shifts is crucial to maintain optimal staffing levels.

Diverse Job Types

Employees may have varying roles with different pay rates, requiring flexibility in work-rule application during time capture.

The Need for Timekeeping Customizations

As can be seen, amusement centers are quite different from conventional organizations. HR teams operating in the amusement industry need a solution that offers a high degree of customization to address the organization’s unique requirements.

Here are some customizations organizations operating in the amusement industry can benefit from:

Automated Shift Communication

Quickly notifying employees about last-minute schedule changes or open shifts is crucial to ensure adequate staffing.

Work-Rule Transfers

Employees might switch between different roles or tasks throughout their shift, each with its own pay rate and work rules. A system that allows for effortless work-rule transfers streamlines timekeeping.

Customized Time Capture

Accounting for breaks, special events, or unique work arrangements is essential for accurate payroll processing.

CloudApper hrPad for UKG Pro WFM

UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions) users in the amusement industry can unlock a new level of automation and efficiency with CloudApper hrPad. This innovative AI-powered solution seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro WFM and utilizes Android tablets and iPads into custom UKG time clocks. While hrPad also customizes clocking in and out, it also offers various customizations to address the unique needs of the amusement industry.

How hrPad is Helping UKG Pro WFM Users in the Amusement Industry

Let’s take a closer look at how a renowned group of amusement centers implemented CloudApper hrPad to revolutionize their HR processes:

Facial Recognition Technology

hrPad uses facial recognition technology to clock employees in and out. This eliminates complexities, minimizes employee time theft, and ensures accurate timekeeping.

Automated Shift Communication

With hrPad, employees can receive notifications on their mobile devices whenever open shifts arise. This allows them to quickly claim available shifts, ensuring optimal staffing levels across all departments.

Simplified Work-Rule Transfers

Employees can easily switch between different pay rates or job types based on their assigned tasks for the day. This eliminates the need for manual intervention by HR personnel.

Customized Time Capture

hrPad can be easily configured to meet unique employee time capture needs. For instance, as mentioned, facial recognition is used for employees clocking in and out. It can even be configured to account for lunch breaks, special events, and unique work arrangements.

Enhanced Compliance

Employees are prompted to attest their punches throughout the day, ensuring accurate records and adherence to work rules. This can be particularly helpful for tracking overtime or special pay differentials.

“Before, missed punches were a headache, averaging 25-30% per week. Thanks to CloudApper, the number has decreased to less than 5% missed punches per week. The benefits are immense – managers no longer struggle with tracking time, leading to more accurate payroll processing, and ensuring team members get paid correctly. It’s been a game-changer for our organization, saving time, money, and frustrations.”

Deb Christensen

Chief People Officer

FACE Amusement

hrPad Also Empowers Employees

CloudApper hrPad doesn’t just streamline HR processes for UKG Pro WFM users; it also empowers employees by providing them with a user-friendly system for managing their time:

Fast and Secure Clock-In/Out

Facial recognition technology eliminates the need for physical badges, allowing employees to clock in and out quickly and conveniently.

Schedule and Timecard Access

Employees can easily view their upcoming schedules, review their timecards, and access their accrued time directly through the hrPad kiosk.

Open Shift Notifications

Employees receive real-time alerts on their mobile devices whenever open shifts become available. This empowers them to take ownership of their schedules and potentially increase their earnings.


CloudApper hrPad

Group of Amusement Centers Chose AI hrPad for UKG Pro WFM

Benefits of hrPad for UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions) Users

CloudApper hrPad offers numerous benefits for UKG Pro WFM (Dimensions) users in the amusement industry:

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamlined timekeeping, automated shift communication, and effortless work-rule transfers lead to smoother operations, reduced wait times, and a more positive guest experience.

Reduced Administrative Burden

hrPad automates tedious tasks like manual timekeeping adjustments and shift communication, freeing up valuable time for HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

A user-friendly system and faster timekeeping processes contribute to a more positive work environment and increased employee satisfaction.

Increased Compliance

Facial recognition and attestation prompts ensure accurate timekeeping and adherence to work rules, minimizing payroll errors and potential legal issues.

Choose CloudApper hrPad for UKG

CloudApper hrPad empowers HR teams to automate HCM processes, improve operational efficiency, and create a more streamlined work environment.

Imagine an amusement center where:

  • Guests experience shorter wait times due to optimal staffing levels.
  • Employees can easily manage their schedules and claim open shifts for additional income.
  • HR teams are freed from administrative tasks and can focus on employee engagement initiatives.

CloudApper hrPad can be the missing piece that unlocks a new level of efficiency and guest satisfaction in your amusement center. Contact CloudApper AI today and discover how hrPad can revolutionize your UKG Pro WFM experience!