HR departments are the secret sauce to a successful company, but they’re often bogged down by repetitive HR tasks and human limitations, making it hard for them to have the impact they deserve. In the realm of human limitations, achieving an entirely impartial assessment of all employees can be challenging. Fortunately, we find ourselves amidst a technological revolution where we can harness the power of AI to automate repetitive HR tasks.

hrPad, an innovative AI-powered HR service delivery solution by CloudApper, is a game-changer that can be seamlessly implemented on Android tablets and iPads. Its mission is clear: to break down the longstanding barriers like repetitive, tedious tasks that have restricted HR’s progress. With a dedicated goal of enabling HR to reach its full potential in shaping the organization’s future, hrPad is set to transform how HR operates, especially for UKG users.

How Does hrPad Help To Automate Repetitive HR Tasks for UKG Users?

hrPad brings the benefit of using cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies on an Android tablet or iPad to automate repetitive HR tasks and and streamline workflows for UKG users. CloudAppers integration with UKG frees HR to focus on more strategic and value-added activities, such as developing and implementing HR policies and programs and managing employee relations.

Transform Any iPad or Android Tablet Into an Ai-Powered Assistant

Integrating hrPad into your organization is a breeze, and it’s a perfect fit for UKG users. All that’s required is an Android tablet or iPad. Install and run hrPad on the tablet, and you’re ready to go. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for proprietary devices, providing a seamless experience for UKG users. With this convenience, organizations can quickly adopt and leverage the power of hrPad, making HR operations more accessible and automating repetitive HR tasks.

Automated Query Management for Enhanced Efficiency

hrPad AI, when trained on an organization’s employee compliance data, becomes a powerful tool for automating query management and providing 24/7 HR support. Here’s how it works: Whenever an employee poses a question through hrPad, the AI can swiftly access and analyze its training data, allowing it to provide automated, accurate responses. This streamlined approach not only saves valuable resources but also ensures that inquiries are handled consistently and in compliance with the organization’s regulations and policies. With 24/7 HR support, employees can get the answers they need around the clock.

Shift Management Made Effortless

In organizations with shift-based work arrangements, hrPad revolutionizes shift management by automating and simplifying the process. On the front end, employees can seamlessly input their attendance, request shift swaps, and even bid for available shifts while AI expertly manages the backend administration. This two-tiered approach ensures that shift management is not only user-friendly but also highly efficient, saving valuable resources and streamlining the entire process.

Facilitating Data-Driven Decision-Making With Ease

Conducting surveys for a large workforce, distributing and collecting forms, and the subsequent evaluation can be resource-intensive and tedious. Here’s where hrPad steps in with its AI-driven automation and helps with data-driven decision-making. Employees can effortlessly provide their feedback through the tablet, and from there, hrPad takes the reins. The AI seamlessly stores and analyzes the data, alleviating the burden of manual data processing. Moreover, hrPad autonomously generates detailed feedback reports for HR professionals to evaluate, making the entire process streamlined and automating repetitive HR tasks.

Effortless Accrual Management

hrPad simplifies accrual management for employees by enabling them to request sick leaves, check accrued vacation days, and inquire about other employee benefits in alignment with organizational policies. With the guidance of AI, hrPad takes on the administration process, drawing from its extensive training data on company policies. This liberates HR professionals from the manual burden of calculating and coordinating every employee’s vacation, leaves, and benefits. The result is the automation of repetitive HR tasks, fostering a more streamlined HR workflow.

Broadening Talent Reach

At the heart of HR operations lies the critical task of acquiring human resources, and hrPad is set to revolutionize this process. With hrPad, HR personnel can effortlessly post job descriptions for any available vacancies within the organization, directly reaching employees. Employees, in turn, not only have access to view open positions within the company but also possess the capability to notify their personal and professional networks via SMS. This approach allows HR professionals to benefit from recommendations from their current workforce without the hassle of sifting through numerous resumes.This innovative approach leverages the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, making talent acquisition more accessible and automating repetitive HR tasks.


In a world where the workplace is constantly evolving, hrPad, tailor-made for UKG users, equips HR professionals with the tools and resources necessary to stay ahead of the curve. With hrPad, HR can finally assume its well-deserved role and lead the way in shaping the future of work. Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your HR operations – contact us to take the next step towards a brighter HR future today!