Keeping track of employee step pay progression can be a time-consuming and tedious task, especially when relying on manual data tracking and calculations. However, CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution offers a seamless and automated approach to simplify the process. By leveraging UKG Dimensions data, this intuitive solution accurately calculates step pay amounts and effortlessly communicates them to UKG solutions or other third-party payroll systems. In this blog, we will explore the key features and benefits of CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution, enabling businesses to streamline their employee step pay tracking in UKG Dimensions and Pro.

The Challenge of Step Pay Progression Tracking in UKG Dimensions

Manual data tracking and calculations: The laborious process of manually sifting through primary jobs and timecards to track step pay progression.

Compliance with union-specific obligations: Unionized organizations often face additional complexities in accurately tracking wage changes and ensuring proper payroll processing.

Risk of errors and inconsistencies: Human errors can lead to incorrect step pay calculations, resulting in financial discrepancies and employee dissatisfaction.

Introducing CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution

Automatic import of employee data: Seamless integration with UKG WFC & Dimensions allows for effortless importing of employee data, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Custom pay tiers based on hours worked: Create personalized pay tiers to accurately determine step pay amounts based on employees’ hours worked.

Custom workflow for wage transformation: Transform hourly wages according to the defined pay tiers, ensuring accurate and consistent step pay calculations.

Real-time wage updates in payroll systems: Automatically update hourly wages in UKG Dimensions, Pro, or other payroll systems, ensuring seamless integration and accurate payroll processing.

Notifications for tier advancements: Receive notifications when an employee progresses to the next step, enabling proactive management of step pay changes.

Benefits of CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution

Time and cost savings: Automating step pay progression tracking eliminates manual efforts, allowing HR teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Enhanced accuracy and compliance: By removing manual calculations, the solution ensures accurate step pay calculations and compliance with union-specific obligations.

Streamlined communication: Seamlessly integrate with UKG Dimensions, Pro, or other payroll systems, ensuring real-time updates and efficient payroll processing.

Improved employee satisfaction: Accurate and timely step pay progression calculations contribute to employee satisfaction and motivation.


CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution revolutionizes the way businesses track and manage employee step progression in UKG Dimensions and Pro. By automating the process and eliminating manual data entry and calculations, HR teams can save time, reduce errors, and ensure accurate payroll processing. With features such as custom pay tiers, workflow automation, and real-time updates, this solution simplifies step pay progression tracking, enhances compliance, and improves overall employee satisfaction. Contact us and take control of your UKG workforce wage progression with CloudApper and unlock the potential of seamless step pay tracking.