Today, we’re delving into the realm of performance goals, exploring how you can set and manage objectives to drive your professional growth and success. Let’s dive in and discover the power of performance goals within the UKG solution.

Understanding Performance Goals:

Performance goals serve as roadmaps for achieving specific results or outcomes in your current role. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Collaborative Process: Performance goals are established through collaboration with your manager, aligning expectations and objectives for a specified time frame.
  • Key Performance Indicator: Goals are integral components of the performance review process, providing measurable criteria to assess overall performance.

Creating a Performance Goal:

Unlock your potential by creating impactful performance goals using the following steps:

Navigate to My Goals:

  • Access Menu > My Info > My Career > Performance > My Goals.

Initiate a New Goal:

  • Select “New Goal” from the My Goals page to open the New Goal window.

Define Goal Details:

  • Enter a descriptive title for the goal and specify the effective dates for its implementation.
  • Provide a detailed description, select the appropriate category, and decide if the goal should be enabled for performance reviews.
  • Choose the access level (Public or Private) and set start and due dates for goal achievement.
  • Define measurable criteria for goal attainment.

Save Your Goal:

  • Once all details are entered, click “Save” to create your performance goal.

Editing a Performance Goal:

Stay agile and adaptable by updating your performance goals as needed. Here’s how:

Access My Goals:

  • Navigate to Menu > My Info > My Career > Performance > My Goals.

Select Edit Goal:

  • Click on the Edit Goal icon next to the goal you wish to modify.

Modify Goal Details:

  • Edit relevant fields in the Goal Info and Goal Assignment sections as required.
  • Add notes or supporting documentation to provide context or updates.

Save Changes:

  • After making revisions, click “Save” to update your performance goal.

Benefits of Managing Performance Goals with UKG:

  • Alignment: Performance goals ensure alignment between individual contributions and organizational objectives, fostering a culture of accountability and excellence.
  • Visibility: Transparent goal setting enables clear communication and tracking of progress, empowering employees to take ownership of their professional development.
  • Agility: The flexibility to modify goals allows for adaptability in response to changing priorities or evolving business needs.

Elevate Your Performance:

By leveraging the robust capabilities of UKG, you can set, manage, and achieve your performance goals with precision and clarity. Stay tuned for more insights and tips from UKG, your trusted partner in unlocking your full potential and driving success in your career journey. Happy goal setting!