As any seasoned retailer knows, managing a workforce across multiple locations is no cakewalk. Applegreen, with its network of convenience stores, restaurants, and shopping centers, was no exception. They were already using the powerful Kronos (now UKG) platform for workforce management, but the hardware-based time clocks they were using were putting a serious dent in their budget.

In the words of an Applegreen representative, “Our goal was to minimize costs without sacrificing productivity.”.That’s why they chose CloudApper AI TimeClock – a game-changing solution that would transform their ordinary iPads into cutting-edge time clocks seamlessly integrated with their existing Kronos system.

The CloudApper Advantage: Facial Recognition, Custom Workflows, and More

So, what made CloudApper AI TimeClock the perfect fit for Applegreen’s needs? Let’s break it down:

Facial Recognition: No More Buddy Punching

We’ve all heard stories of employees clocking in for their buddies, leading to payroll and compliance issues. But with CloudApper’s facial recognition technology, buddy punching was eliminated for Applegreen. As the rep explained, “Employees would have no trouble clocking in and out with the face recognition setup in CloudApper AI TimeClock, which also increased the system’s security.”

Custom Workflows: Keeping Compliant with Ease

Compliance is a big deal in the retail world, especially when it comes to labor laws for minor employees. Applegreen needed a solution that would automatically enforce a 30-minute break for these workers, ensuring they stayed compliant without any manual intervention.

The adaptability of CloudApper AI TimeClock enabled the automatic enforcement of a required 30-minute break for minor employees, therefore guaranteeing that the company complied with applicable labor rules.

Seamless Integration with Kronos

Applegreen’s transition to CloudApper AI TimeClock was smooth and hassle-free. The iPad and Tablet-based application seamlessly integrated with UKG Dimensions, providing real-time data updates and streamlining the clocking process for all employees.

The Benefits: Cost Savings, Compliance, and an Efficient Workforce

So, what did Applegreen gain by embracing CloudApper AI TimeClock? Let’s take a look:

  • Cost Savings: By repurposing their existing iPads as time clocks, Applegreen avoided the steep prices of physical time clocks across all their stores.
  • Enhanced Security and Accuracy: With facial recognition in play, Applegreen could wave goodbye to buddy punching and other time theft issues, ensuring accurate payroll and attendance tracking.
  • Labor Law Compliance: Thanks to the custom workflow for minor employees, Applegreen successfully complied with labor laws, safeguarding the well-being of their workforce.
  • Streamlined Workforce Management: By integrating CloudApper with their Kronos system, Applegreen centralized their workforce management, streamlining payroll and attendance tracking processes.

However, perhaps the most significant benefit was the ease of adoption. CloudApper AI TimeClock’s intuitive and user-friendly interface facilitated a seamless onboarding process for Applegreen’s extensive workforce, simplifying the adoption of the new time-tracking solution. 

Embrace the Future of Time Tracking

Applegreen’s success story is a testament to the power of innovation and thinking outside the box. By embracing CloudApper AI TimeClock, they not only slashed their time tracking costs but also streamlined their operations, enhanced security, and ensured compliance with labor laws.

So, if you’re a retailer (or any business, for that matter) looking to cut costs without cutting corners, consider CloudApper. With CloudApper AI TimeClock, you can turn your existing tablets into secure, feature-rich time clocks that seamlessly integrate with your workforce management system.

You can request a free demo of CloudApper AI TimeClock and try out the solution yourself.