The world of workforce management (WFM) software is constantly changing, and for UKG customers using their legacy software, Workforce Central (WFC), the news that support for WFC will be discontinued on December 31, 2025, has likely required some serious planning. This transition from WFC to UKG’s new software, UKG Dimensions, can be a daunting task for many customers, but it’s important to understand that there are solutions available to make the transition as smooth as possible.

One of the main issues that WFC customers may be facing is the fact that the 4500 time clock model, which is commonly used with WFC, will not work with UKG Dimensions. This presents a problem for customers who may need additional time clocks before they upgrade to Dimensions. Additionally, the latest UKG time clock, the InTouch DX, is not compatible with WFC. This means that any clocks purchased for WFC will be an investment with limited future use, as they will not work with Dimensions and customers will eventually need to upgrade to the new software.

This is where CloudApper’s RightPunch comes in. RightPunch is a custom time capture solution that is fully compatible with both WFC and UKG Dimensions. It supports both face and fingerprint biometrics, and is known for having the most accurate face matching system in the world. Furthermore, RightPunch runs on standard Android and iOS devices, is fully customizable with the CloudApper platform, and is a very cost-effective alternative to the UKG clocks.

RightPunch is a great option for WFC customers because it allows them to continue using their current time clocks for a longer period of time, without the need for additional investments that will not be compatible with UKG Dimensions. Additionally, since RightPunch is fully customizable, it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer’s business. This means that customers can continue to use the solution even after they upgrade to UKG Dimensions, making the transition process much smoother.

In addition to RightPunch, CloudApper also offers experienced UKG solution consultants to assist customers with the transition. These consultants are experts in the UKG APIs and customer business requirements for WFM and HCM, and can help customers navigate the complex process of upgrading to UKG Dimensions.

But it’s not just about the time clock, the CloudApper platform that makes it easy to customize your UKG solutions to meet your unique business needs. With CloudApper, you can create custom BI dashboards & reports, automate workflows, and even build full web and mobile applications like RightPunch – all without any programming required.

Our Solution Community for UKG is a great place to get a better idea about our capabilities and what other customers have been able to achieve with our platform.

In conclusion, for UKG customers using WFC, the discontinuation of support for the software on December 31, 2025, may seem daunting. However, with solutions like RightPunch, customers can have confidence that they’re investing today in a versatile and affordable time capture solution that will last them well into the future.