UKG is a leading provider of workforce management (WFM) and human capital management (HCM) software solutions. With its powerful tools, UKG helps businesses streamline their HR processes and improve workforce productivity. However, even the best software solutions can benefit from customization and additional features to meet the specific needs of a business. That’s where CloudApper comes in.

Partnership Made in Cloud

CloudApper is a cloud-based platform that allows UKG customers to easily customize and extend the functionality of their UKG solution without any programming. Our drag-and-drop editor makes adding new features and functionalities easy, such as custom business intelligence (BI) dashboards and reports, automated workflows, and even entire web and mobile applications.

Top Customizations by the CloudApper App Community for UKG Users

The CloudApper app community is valuable for UKG users who are looking to customize and enhance their workforce management solutions. The community is filled with users who have developed and shared their customizations, making it easy for others to adopt and use the same functionalities. Here are 5 popular customizations shared by the CloudApper app community: 

Capture Time with QR Code: One of the most popular customizations in the community is the ability to capture time with QR codes. This customization allows employees to clock in and out using a QR code and their phone, making it easy to track employee attendance and time worked.

Biometric Authentication: Another popular customization is biometric authentication. This customization allows employees to use their fingerprints or facial recognition to clock in and out, providing a secure and efficient way to track attendance. 

Track Employee’s Tasks: With CloudApper, you can easily assign and track, employee tasks and monitor their progress. This customization is a great way for managers to stay on top of employee assignments and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Custom Reports: Another popular customization is the ability to create custom reports. With CloudApper, UKG customers can easily create reports on any metric they want to track: employee attendance, performance, or anything in between.

Confirm Employee Availability: The ability to confirm employee availability. With this customization, you can easily ensure that your employees are available to work on a particular day and schedule shifts accordingly. 

What’s more, CloudApper’s user-friendly interface can be used by anyone, regardless of technical expertise. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, anyone can create workflow automation. With the CloudApper app community, UKG customers can share their solutions with other UKG customers to empower the whole community.


If you’re a UKG customer looking to streamline your workforce management processes and better utilize your UKG solution, CloudApper is the perfect tool. Our no-code platform makes it easy to customize and extend the functionality of your UKG solution. With the ability to automate workflows and share solutions with other customers, you can empower your entire organization to become more efficient and productive. Sign up today to learn more.