The need for a dependable time tracking system skyrockets when companies develop and extend across borders. CloudApper AI Time Clock is a convenient solution for businesses using UKG Pro and Dimensions that want to put clocks in many locations while guaranteeing uninterrupted clocking for mobile personnel. In order to spread time clocks over numerous sites while maintaining accuracy and encouraging simplicity of use, this article proposes a method for using CloudApper AI Time Clock, an AI-powered and inexpensive solution.

Challenges in Expanding Time Clocks

Multiple Locations: When implementing time clocks in various offices, standardization of procedures is essential for reliable data and efficient payroll management.

Employee Transfers: As workers move to new offices, it becomes increasingly important to keep track of their working hours in a consistent manner while also allowing for easy clocking in and out.

CloudApper AI Time Clock Strategy

Centralized Time Tracking: The CloudApper AI Time Clock is a web-based, cloud-based solution for keeping track of time. Once integrated with UKG Pro or Dimensions each new location can easily sync with UKG Pro and Dimensions by installing CloudApper AI Time Clock.

Customize Clock Settings: With CloudApper AI Time Clock’s customizable settings, businesses may meet the specific needs of each of their locations in terms of timekeeping. Clock in quickly and safely with a variety of choices, including Face ID, PIN codes, and NFC.

Employee Data Synchronization: CloudApper AI Time Clock’s connection with UKG Pro and Dimensions ensures that all employee information is up to date. Timekeeping information is automatically updated as workers move to new locations, guaranteeing consistency and precision.

Twin Identification Workflow: Use the twin identification procedure in CloudApper AI Time Clock to reliably distinguish between pairs of twins, protecting data from the risk of identity mistakes.

Employee Self-Service: Employees may now access self-service features like checking their schedules, seeing their timecards, and submitting vacation requests from anywhere with the help of CloudApper AI Time Clock. Human resources procedures are simplified and employee enthusiasm is boosted.

Affordable and Customizable Solution: CloudApper AI Time Clock provides an affordable alternative to proprietary inTouch time clocks, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on functionality. Tailor the solution to match specific business needs and expand with ease as the organization grows.

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Benefits and Outcomes

Seamless Expansion: The centralized system and customizable settings of CloudApper AI Time Clock make it easy to roll out timekeeping solutions across numerous offices with minimal disruption.

Employee Continuity: When an employee moves to a new office, they may easily adjust to the new time clocks with minimal downtime.

Cost-Effectiveness: The low price and adaptable nature of CloudApper AI Time Clock make it a viable option with a high return on investment.

Improved Productivity: Facilitating employee self-service decreases administrative labor and boosts productivity.


The deployment of UKG Pro and Dimensions time clocks at different sites raises unique issues that call for a flexible and adaptable answer. Inexpensive and powered by artificial intelligence, CloudApper AI Time Clock’s platform provides the adaptability, precision, and employee self-service necessary for rapid growth. CloudApper AI Time Clock allows businesses to safely extend their time tracking system, optimize workforce management, and promote frictionless clocking for moving staff, setting them up for future success.

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