Offering paid leave to your hourly workers will make them more loyal and healthy, and it will also help you hire the best people. But it can be hard to figure out how to accurately calculate their growth. For UKG HCM users, this article breaks down the process and presents CloudApper AI TimeClock, a powerful tool that makes managing vacations easier and more productive.

Understanding Your Options

There are two main methods for calculating vacation for hourly employees in UKG:

  • Hours-Based: Employees earn a set number of hours per pay period, regardless of hours worked (e.g., 4 hours per week).
  • Percentage-Based: Employees accrue PTO based on a percentage of their worked hours (e.g., 5% of all hours worked).

Choosing the Right Method

The best method depends on your company’s culture, industry standards, and legal requirements. Consider factors like:

  • Fairness: The method should reward consistent work without penalizing fluctuations.
  • Simplicity: Opt for an easy-to-understand and administer approach for HR and employees.
  • Compliance: Ensure alignment with all relevant labor laws regarding accrual rates and minimum PTO amounts.

Whichever method you choose, manually calculating vacation for each employee can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Calculating PTO Using CloudApper AI TimeClock

CloudApper AI TimeClock simplifies vacation management for UKG users by:

  • Automating Accruals: Set your pre-defined rules, and the system automatically tracks hours worked and calculates vacation accruals for each employee, eliminating manual calculations and reducing errors.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates seamlessly with UKG HCM, ensuring accurate data synchronization between timekeeping and vacation records.
  • Multi-Method Support: Configure CloudApper to handle both hours-based and percentage-based accrual methods, giving you the flexibility to choose the best fit for your organization.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Employees can easily access their accrued vacation hours through the user-friendly iPad/Tablet app, fostering transparency and trust.
  • Streamlined Approvals: Managers can review and approve vacation requests directly within the platform, simplifying the approval process and saving time.

Other features of CloudApper AI TimeClock

CloudApper AI TimeClock offers additional benefits:

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: AI assistant Free up HR resources from manual answering employee queries and focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Improved Accuracy: Increase accuracy of timekeeping with multiple ID verification methods, Eliminate manual calculation errors and ensure compliance with labor laws.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience: Empower employees with self-service options and transparent PTO tracking.
  • Scalability: Easily adapt to a growing workforce without additional administrative overhead.

Saying Goodbye to Manual Vacation Math

Don’t let complex calculations and administrative burdens hinder your employee benefits program. Embrace CloudApper AI TimeClock and enjoy:

  • Effortless vacation management for UKG users.
  • Accurate and compliant accrual calculations.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced administrative costs.
  • Happy and empowered employees.

Contact us today to explore how CloudApper AI TimeClock can revolutionize your vacation management in UKG and unlock a world of simplicity and efficiency!