Efficiently managing employees’ work hours and tips data is crucial for maintaining accurate payroll records and meeting legal requirements. Daily timecard report provide valuable insights into employees’ attendance, worked hours, and gratuities, allowing managers to address discrepancies and ensure proper compensation for their staff proactively. By staying on top of these details, companies can avoid potential compliance issues and foster a transparent and fair work environment. As a UKG Ready customer, you understand the significance of accurately tracking employees’ timecard data, including tips, to ensure compliance with IRS regulations and avoid potential penalties. However, manually generating daily timecard reports with tips data can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when dealing with a large workforce.

Generating Employee TimeCard Reports 

While UKG Ready offers robust HCM solutions, generating custom timecard reports with tips data can be daunting for some customers. Navigating various filters and columns to extract the specific information needed can lead to inefficiencies and possible errors. Managers often spend excessive time on manual data extraction and compilation, taking away valuable resources that could be better utilized for strategic HR initiatives.

To generate an employee timecard report with tips data in UKG Ready Time Clock, follow these simple steps: log in as an administrator, access the “Reports” tab, choose the “Timecard Detail” report under the “Timecard” section, select the desired date range, apply filters to specify the employee, and include the “Tips” column. Click “Generate Report,” and you’ll receive a comprehensive timecard report with tips data for the specified employee and date range, which can be exported in various formats for analysis and sharing with stakeholders.

Timecard Reporting with Tips Data with CloudApper AI TimeClock

Fortunately, CloudApper AI Time Clock offers a seamless and efficient solution for UKG Ready customers. As a UKG partner, CloudApper brings a powerful AI-driven time clock integration that complements UKG Ready’s capabilities. With CloudApper, you can effortlessly generate employee timecard reports with tips data, enhancing accuracy and productivity. CloudApper AI TimeClock automatically generates comprehensive daily timecard reports with tips data for all employees. The user-friendly dashboard gives managers a consolidated view of all relevant information, eliminating the need for manual filtering and data extraction. With just a few clicks, you can access and export the necessary reports for further analysis or sharing with stakeholders.

More than a Time Clock

CloudApper AI Time Clock goes beyond standard timekeeping functionalities by offering a comprehensive self-service platform for employees. With its user-friendly interface, employees can effortlessly submit shift cover requests, request paid time off (PTO) directly from the time clock, access their work schedules and timecards, and check accrual balances for vacation, sick leave, or other benefits.CloudApper AI Time Clock also caters to compliance needs, allowing employees to capture and report tips data for IRS compliance and enabling attestation to meet employment and labor law requirements. Additionally, custom questionnaires can gather valuable employee feedback, fostering engagement and driving organizational improvements. By combining these self-service capabilities with advanced timekeeping features, CloudApper AI Time Clock revolutionizes workforce management, enhancing productivity, accuracy, and employee satisfaction.

Customized Reporting Made Easy

CloudApper AI Time Clock allows you to tailor your timecard reports to meet your business needs. The platform offers flexible customization options, enabling you to include or exclude specific columns, filter by date range, and focus on individual employees or departments. This level of customization empowers you to generate highly personalized reports that align with your HR and management goals.


Integration and Implementation

As a UKG partner, CloudApper ensures seamless integration with UKG Ready. The implementation process is straightforward, and CloudApper’s customer support team can readily guide you through the setup. With minimal disruption to your existing workflows, you can quickly leverage CloudApper AI Time Clock’s powerful features.


Efficiently managing Kronos timecard data, including tips, is essential for businesses to ensure accurate payroll records and compliance with regulations. While generating daily timecard reports in UKG Ready can be challenging for some customers, CloudApper AI Time Clock offers a user-friendly and seamless solution. With automated reporting and flexible customization options, CloudApper streamlines timecard management, saving your HR and management teams valuable time and resources. Contact us and Embrace CloudApper AI Time Clock today and unlock the true potential of efficient timekeeping and workforce management.