CloudApper AI TimeClock, a tablet-based solution integrated with UKG Pro Activities, empowers employees to verify their work and break hours seamlessly, promoting transparency, accountability, and productivity. This innovative technology simplifies the time-tracking process, eliminating manual errors and administrative burdens while fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.

Streamlining Time Tracking

CloudApper AI TimeClock revolutionizes the traditional time-tracking process by automating the capture of employee work hours. Employees can easily clock in and out using the tablet kiosk devices, ensuring accurate and real-time tracking of their work hours. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and administrative overhead for HR managers. The automated time capture feature ensures that employees are accurately compensated for their work, promoting fairness and transparency.


Enhanced Productivity

By streamlining time tracking, CloudApper AI TimeClock enables employees to focus on their core responsibilities, increasing productivity and efficiency. With the ability to easily access their schedules, timecards, and PTO balances, employees can better manage their work-life balance, reducing stress and improving job satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to increased employee engagement and retention, as employees feel valued and supported by their employers.

Improved Accuracy

CloudApper AI TimeClock’s automated time capture feature ensures that work hours are accurately recorded, eliminating the potential for human error. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with complex schedules, such as those in the healthcare industry, where accurate time tracking is critical for billing and resource allocation. The system’s real-time tracking capabilities also enable organizations to monitor and adjust their workforce more effectively, ensuring that they are always adequately staffed to meet customer demands.

Customization Options

CloudApper AI TimeClock offers customization options tailored to the specific needs of UKG Pro Activities users. Organizations can configure the system to suit their unique requirements, ensuring that the solution integrates seamlessly with their existing workflows. This flexibility allows employers to adapt the system to their specific needs, ensuring that it remains an effective tool for managing employee time and attendance.

Enhanced Security

CloudApper AI TimeClock incorporates robust security measures to prevent time theft and ensure compliance. Facial recognition and barcode scanning technologies provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that only authorized employees can access the system. This not only protects the organization’s data but also fosters trust among employees, as they know that their work hours are accurately recorded and securely stored.



CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG Pro Activities empowers employees to verify their work and break hours with ease, promoting transparency, accountability, and productivity. By streamlining time tracking, automating data capture, and providing customization options, this innovative solution simplifies the time tracking process, reducing errors and administrative burdens. With its enhanced security features and real-time tracking capabilities, CloudApper AI TimeClock is an invaluable tool for any organization seeking to optimize its workforce management and improve employee satisfaction. Contact us to learn more.