Innovation and efficiency are of the utmost importance in the lightning-fast field of talent acquisition. With the introduction of CloudApper hrPad‘s AI-powered Text-to-Apply function, UKG’s talent acquisition process is about to become more simple and more efficient. This cutting-edge technology uses AI to improve the recruiting process, which benefits applicants and recruiters alike by making it easier and more accessible.

The Challenge of Traditional Talent Acquisition

Prospective employees may be put off by the lengthy application processes that are typical of traditional talent acquisition methods. Organizations who are in search of top talent may lose out on talented individuals if they have to endure lengthy online forms and complicated application portals. According to LinkedIn’s research in 2023, 72 percent of job searchers give up on lengthy applications. Recruiters may also struggle with the time and effort required to properly sort through a large number of applications.

The CloudApper Text-to-Apply Solution

In response to these difficulties, CloudApper hrPad has developed the Text-to-Apply function to provide a simple and effective method of talent acquisition in the UKG setting.

Streamlined Application Process

For UKG users, the new talent acquisition process is made easier with the Text-to-Apply function. It lets current workers post open opportunities with their friends and family, and interested applicants can simply react with a text message to show their interest. This streamlines the application process, making it easier for more candidates to apply without having to fill out lengthy online forms.

Convenient and Accessible

Candidates can apply for positions from their mobile devices with a simple text, making the process more accessible and convenient. This is especially beneficial for reaching candidates who may not have immediate access to a computer or prefer a more straightforward application method.

AI-Powered Screening

Leveraging artificial intelligence, CloudApper hrPad‘s Text-to-Apply feature can automatically screen and filter applications based on predefined criteria. This not only accelerates the initial screening process but also ensures that recruiters focus their attention on the most qualified candidates.

Integration with UKG Solutions

CloudApper hrPad seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro and UKG Ready. This integration ensures a cohesive recruitment process within the broader human capital management framework, maintaining data accuracy and compliance.

Improved Candidate Experience

By offering a more straightforward and interactive application method, CloudApper’s Text-to-Apply enhances the overall candidate experience. Candidates feel more engaged and valued from the outset, positively impacting the employer brand.

Implementing Text-to-Apply in Your UKG Environment

Enable Text-to-Apply Feature

CloudApper hrPad’s Text-to-Apply feature can be easily enabled within your UKG environment. This involves configuring the system with the help of our solution specialists to recognize and process incoming text applications seamlessly.

Define Screening Criteria

Work with your HR team to define specific screening criteria that align with the requirements of the positions you are hiring for. These criteria will guide the AI-powered screening process.

Promote Text-to-Apply in Job Postings

To increase the number of qualified applicants for available positions, it is a good idea to remind current employees about the Text-to-Apply option and ask them to spread the word to their personal networks. Make it crystal clear to them how the simplified procedure will benefit them and how it ties in with your dedication to providing an applicant-friendly experience.

Monitor and Analyze Results

Regularly monitor the results of the Text-to-Apply feature, including the number of applications received, screening outcomes, and candidate feedback. Use this data to refine and optimize your recruitment strategy continuously.


CloudApper hrPad‘s Text-to-Apply feature emerges as a powerful tool in simplifying the talent acquisition process within UKG. A 2022 report by Gartner predicted that AI will automate 60% of repetitive HR tasks by 2025. By leveraging AI and streamlining the application journey, organizations can attract a broader pool of qualified candidates while ensuring an efficient and candidate-centric recruitment experience. As organizations embrace innovative solutions like Text-to-Apply, they position themselves for success in acquiring top talent and driving overall business growth.