By including candidate custom fields into your recruitment process, you can gain important insights and optimize your hiring decisions. With the use of CloudApper AI Recruiter, you can effortlessly gather data for these personalized fields and smoothly incorporate them into UKG Ready or Pro WFM (Dimensions). Let’s examine how this method can enhance the efficiency of your recruitment endeavors and enhance the effectiveness of your HR workflows:

Importance of Applicant Custom Fields

Applicant custom fields enable the collection of special information from candidates as part of the application process. These sections can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization like UKG or Kronos clock in app, offering vital information to evaluate the qualifications, preferences, and suitability of candidates for the position.

Customization Examples

  • Weekend Availability: For a retail store that operates every day of the week, it is essential to have knowledge of candidates’ availability on weekends. Custom fields can be used to prompt candidates to specify their availability, which can help in making scheduling selections.
  • Other Languages Spoken: For customer service positions in a multinational corporation, it is crucial to discover candidates who are proficient in various languages. Custom fields can be used to record this information in order to align applicants with specific linguistic requirements.
  • Work Shift Interest: Hospitals or companies that have positions with shifts might utilize custom fields to assess candidates’ preferences for specific shifts, thereby ensuring that their choices coincide with the operational requirements.

How to Add a Custom Applicant Fields in UKG Ready & Pro WFM (Dimensions)

To add a custom applicant field, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Applicant Profile: Navigate to the applicant profile section in your HR system, such as UKG Ready or Pro WFM (Dimensions).
  2. Custom Field Configuration: Look for the option to customize or add fields within the applicant profile settings. This may vary depending on the system you are using.
  3. Create a New Field: Select the option to add a new custom field and specify the type of field you want to create, such as a text field, drop-down selection, date/time field, or any other format that suits your requirements.
  4. Field Label and Options: Provide a label for the custom field that clearly indicates the information you are collecting, such as “Weekend Availability” or “Other Languages Spoken.” If applicable, define specific options or choices for applicants to select from.
  5. Save and Apply: Once you have configured the custom field, save your changes and ensure that the field is visible on the applicant profile tabs for all job postings.

According to these instructions, you may effortlessly incorporate a personalized applicant field into your HR system, enabling you to gather precise information from applicants during the application procedure. This customization improves your recruitment process, offers useful information, and enables you to make well-informed hiring selections according to the specific requirements of your firm.

Easiest Way to Collect Custom Applicant Fields Data

An efficient method for gathering customized data is through the utilization of CloudApper AI Recruiter‘s text-to-apply functionality. Applicants have the ability to interact with the system to apply for the job through a human-like conversation by SMS or a website chatbot integrated into your career portal, streamlining the process of collecting data. This intuitive technique enables candidates to effortlessly give the necessary information, hence improving the recruitment experience for both applicants and HR professionals. By utilizing the conversational AI capabilities of AI Recruiter, enterprises may effectively collect personalized candidate information, guaranteeing precision and thoroughness in the recruitment procedure.

Integration with UKG Ready & Pro WFM

CloudApper AI Recruiter streamlines the gathering of applicant-specific data fields using conversational AI. This data effortlessly connects into UKG Ready or Pro WFM (Dimensions), improving your recruiting process and guaranteeing a seamless transfer of application information to employee records.

Benefits of CloudApper AI Recruiter

  • Efficient Data Collection: CloudApper AI Recruiter streamlines the collection of applicant custom field data, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Simplified Job Applications: Candidates can effortlessly apply for open positions by sending an SMS using shortcodes or scanning strategically placed QR codes.
  • Enhanced Recruitment Experience: By automating data collection and integration processes, CloudApper AI Recruiter enhances the recruitment experience for both candidates and HR teams, improving efficiency and decision-making.

By integrating applicant custom fields and utilizing the capabilities of CloudApper AI Recruiter, HR teams can enhance their recruitment processes, collect valuable candidate insights, and effortlessly integrate application data into UKG Ready or Pro WFM (Dimensions). This integration optimizes HR procedures, improves data precision, and eventually leads to better-informed hiring decisions and enhanced workforce management.