Efficient employee time tracking within organizations is crucial for several factors – something that time clocks help with. For instance, UKG/Kronos provides industry-leading employee time clocks that help track work hours for accurate payroll processing and other benefits. However, in some cases, organizations may have different requirements. They might need multiple stations for employee punches due to huge facilities, custom workflows that include attestations and job transfers, or employee verification systems to prevent buddy punching. With CloudApper, UKG customers can get access to the modifications they want. CloudApper AI (Kronos Time Clock) helps customize the UKG/Kronos clock-in app experience the way customers want – let’s explore.

Why Organizations Need to Customize the UKG/Kronos Clock-in App Experience

While UKG/Kronos time clocks provide a solid foundation that should satisfy most customers, many have unique needs or workflows that require customizations to the UKG/Kronos clock-in app experience. For instance, retail companies need to keep records of employee tips; some might need to collect employee punches offline and in bulk for field workers, whereas others need to ask employees regarding work, lunch, and break hours via attestations for compliance.

Key Takeaway

Customizing the UKG/Kronos clock-in app experience with CloudApper AI enhances efficiency, improves employee engagement, and meets unique organizational needs. From user-friendly interfaces to added functionalities like offline punches and facial biometrics, CloudApper streamlines time tracking, reduces costs, and ensures compliance.

Customizing the UKG/Kronos employee time capture experience helps businesses meet their unique needs, reduce costs, and improve efficiency while enhancing the employee experience. With CloudApper, organizations gain access to AI-powered solutions that tailor the UKG/Kronos clock-in app experience as per their requirements easily and quickly.

How CloudApper Customizes the UKG/Kronos Experience

CloudApper’s custom time capture solution enhances the UKG/Kronos clock-in app experience by providing additional functionalities while keeping the solution simple and easy to use.

Here are just some of the many ways CloudApper helps UKG customers with its custom time clock solutions:

  • User-friendly Experience: CloudApper customizes the UKG/Kronos clock-in app experience just the way the organization wants it, boosting overall user experience and employee engagement.
  • Added Functionalities: As already mentioned, CloudApper can add multiple functionalities to UKG for time capture systems. For instance, organizations can incorporate custom fields, reminders, or notifications to improve productivity and streamline processes. Moreover, CloudApper can help UKG customers capture offline employee punches, bulk punches, job transfer data, verify employee identities (via facial biometrics), and so much more.


  • Easy Integration: CloudApper seamlessly integrates with UKG/Kronos and exchanges employee data automatically – reducing integration headaches, ensuring a smooth transition, and eliminating separate systems or complex workarounds.
  • Data Capture Customization: CloudApper enables organizations to customize the data capture process for their UKG/Kronos solution. Organizations can add custom fields, prompts, or instructions to capture additional information specific to their business needs, such as attestations or employee tip recordkeeping.
  • Reporting and Analytics: CloudApper’s customization options extend to reporting and analytics. Organizations can view insightful dashboards and even generate custom reports thanks to CloudApper, allowing them to gain valuable insights into employee productivity, attendance trends, and labor costs.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: CloudApper’s custom time capture solutions also integrate with third-party systems, ensuring accurate data synchronization and eliminating manual data entry – saving time and reducing errors.
  • Works With Android and iOS: With CloudApper, UKG customers can use any off-the-shelf Android or iOS device for capturing employee punches. As a result, organizations can use cost-effective devices for setting up multiple stations for employee punches without breaking the bank.

Gartner– AI-enabled customizations can reduce compliance-related errors by 90%.

Customize and Simplify UKG/Kronos Time Capture System Now

Customization with CloudApper is the key to tailoring the UKG/Kronos clock-in app experience to meet any UKG customer’s unique requirements. CloudApper’s custom time capture solution empowers businesses to simplify the employee time capture experience, use cost-effective Android or iOS devices, or add necessary features like custom data capture for attestations, offline punches, employee verification, bulk punch capture, custom report generation, and more. By leveraging CloudApper’s powerful customization capabilities, organizations can prevent employee time theft, eliminate buddy punching, enhance productivity, streamline processes, and ensure accurate time tracking. Contact us today with your requirements to customize your UKG/Kronos time capture experience quickly and easily.