Key Takeaway

CloudApper AI TimeClock enhances UKG systems by offering extensive customization options, empowering businesses to tailor employee data and displays for better decision-making, collaboration, and overall workforce management efficiency.

Access to relevant and customized employee info is necessary for managing a workforce well. Even though the UKG system has some basic customization choices, it might not be able to meet all types of organization’s needs. Solutions like CloudApper AI TimeClock, on the other hand, work well with UKG platforms and allow for a lot of customization options. Let’s look at how the flexible employee data fields and display choices in UKG Time Clock can change the way you manage your employees, with a focus on how CloudApper AI TimeClock can help you.

Some Example of Customizable Data Fields

Track Project-Specific Certifications: Store relevant certifications alongside employee profiles to ensure efficient project assignments.

Monitor Specific Skills: Define granular skill sets needed for teams to facilitate collaboration and resource allocation.

Capture Emergency Contact Information: Ensure accessibility to emergency contact details in unforeseen situations.

Track Individual Preferences: Gather information on work schedules, communication methods, and accessibility needs to foster inclusivity.

Collect Feedback: Integrate custom fields for gathering employee feedback on initiatives, projects, or overall work experience.

Some Advanced Display Options

Filterable Employee Dashboards: Empower managers with personalized dashboards displaying relevant data for their teams.

Skills-Based Employee Directories: Facilitate collaboration by showcasing employee skills and expertise prominently.

Real-Time Absence Visibility: Display real-time information on employee absences for seamless workflow adjustments.

Compliance Checklists: Track completion of required certifications and compliance procedures within employee profiles.

Performance Dashboards: Provide employees with personalized dashboards displaying key performance indicators and progress towards goals.

Benefits of Customization

Improved Decision-Making: Access to tailored data enables informed decisions regarding staffing and resource allocation.

Enhanced Collaboration: Skill-based displays and project-specific certifications facilitate efficient team formation and knowledge sharing.

Increased Employee Satisfaction: Personalized dashboards and feedback mechanisms promote engagement and ownership.

Boosted Compliance: Tracking certifications and absences streamlines compliance efforts.

Optimized Time Management: Real-time data visibility enables proactive adjustments for smooth operations.

Unlocking the Full Potential with CloudApper AI TimeClock

Businesses can give their workers the data and display choices that work best for them by customizing CloudApper AI TimeClock in a lot of different ways. Businesses can get a better handle on their employees with CloudApper AI TimeClock’s project-specific licenses and personalized dashboards.


The employee data fields and display choices that can be changed in UKG Time Clock give companies the freedom and data they need to better manage their employees. Businesses can get the most out of their UKG Time Clock data with CloudApper AI TimeClock to boost productivity, teamwork, and employee happiness. Get in touch with CloudApper AI TimeClock right away to learn how our service can help your business do well in the 21st century.