Employee no-show events are one of the biggest problems in industries that utilize shift work. Unexpected absences, especially from shift workers, affect organizations of all sizes, cause chaos, and disrupt operations. In many cases, last-minute employee no-shows leave supervisors scrambling to find someone else to cover the shift. If a suitable replacement isn’t found, then the situation puts additional pressure on the remaining employee(s), resulting in dissatisfactory performance, productivity issues, and losses. However, UKG customers can reduce employee no-show events with CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation solution – let’s explore how!

Shift Confirmation for UKG to Reduce Employee No-show Events

Shift Confirmation is a powerful solution that leverages the power of AI to identify employees with a problematic attendance history and prompt them to confirm their availability for upcoming shifts. Shift Confirmation is built using the CloudApper solution community – an AI platform that creates custom and compatible solutions for UKG customers to meet their specific requirements. By using your UKG solution’s data, Shift Confirmation easily determines employees that are most likely to miss their shifts unexpectedly, enabling supervisors to take steps to prevent the chaos caused by these no-show events.

Benefits of Shift Confirmation for UKG Customers

Identifying Potential Employee No-show Events

Shift Confirmation leverages the power of AI to analyze historical attendance data and identify employees who are at risk of missing their shifts. By identifying these individuals, supervisors can take steps to prevent the effects of no-shows.

Early Notifications

After identifying the employees with problematic attendance histories, Shift Confirmation sends out notifications to them well in advance of their shift start times, reminding them to confirm their attendance. These early notifications give employees plenty of time to respond and ensure that managers have ample time to find replacements, if necessary.

Automated Alerts

After the employees receive the alerts regarding attendance, if an employee fails to respond to it or confirms they won’t be able to make it, Shift Confirmation will issue an automated alert to the manager. This helps the supervisor stay on top of potential staffing issues and handle the no-show event as they see fit.

Seamless Integration with UKG

CloudApper Shift Confirmation seamlessly integrates with UKG solutions, allowing managers to retrieve employee shift data instantly and eliminating any additional hassles. This ensures that managers have access to the most up-to-date information, making it easier to monitor and manage schedules as well as prevent no-show events.

Notify Employees the Way You Want To

Shift Confirmation offers multiple notification options, including SMS, Email, Slack, Mattermost, or other messaging apps. This allows UKG customers to send alerts via preferred means to shift workers and ensures that managers are always aware of any potential staffing issues. For instance, if internet connectivity is an issue, the UKG customer can notify the shift worker simply via SMS.

Use Shift Confirmation for UKG and Prevent Employee No-show Events

CloudApper Shift Confirmation is a powerful tool that helps UKG customers reduce the impact of employee no-show events. By leveraging the power of AI and automation, our robust solution enables managers to take proactive steps to prevent no-show events even before they occur, ensuring that shifts are always fully staffed and that operations run smoothly. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, CloudApper Shift Confirmation can help you avoid the stress and financial loss of last-minute absences at work – contact us now to learn more.