Every business, no matter its size or field, relies on efficient shift management to function successfully. Schedules must be managed, coverage must be guaranteed, and unexpected absences must be dealt with, just to name a few of the many issues managers to confront on a daily basis. Problems like this can cause productivity losses, higher labor costs, and unhappy customers. Employee Shift management should be taken care of proactively to eliminate any potential bad effects. Let’s learn how you can do it for UKG solutions. 


CloudApper Shift Confirmation

CloudApper Shift Confirmation is a solution for UKG that uses AI to identify employees with a bad attendance history and ping them to confirm their availability, making it one of the leading solutions in proactive employee shift management. In addition, the app alerts workers well in advance of their shift’s start time to confirm their attendance. An automated alert is sent to management in the event that an employee does not respond to or confirm their inability to attend the shift.

With UKG’s shift confirmation system, you can rest assured that every worker on your roster has verified their availability for their shift. The technique aids businesses in avoiding unanticipated problems, such as workforce shortages, service disruptions, and missed appointments. Managers can improve their ability to provide satisfactory service to clients by confirming shift attendance.

Proactive Shift Management For UKG UsersProactive Shift Management Is Essential For UKG Users

Previous methods of shift confirmation, such as phone calls or emails, were time-consuming and occasionally incorrect. Automating and streamlining the process, CloudApper Shift Confirmation for UKG benefits both employees and management. Managers receive real-time notifications when employees don’t confirm their shifts, so they may take preventative action if necessary to ensure there are enough people on hand.

It’s impossible to emphasize the value of proactive shift management for your employees. Some of the most salient advantages of employing a service like CloudApper Shift Confirmation are as follows:

Save Money on Labor

Supervisors can foresee potential coverage issues and take corrective measures with the help of proactive shift management. Overtime costs can be mitigated and the likelihood of overstaffing is lowered as a result of this.

Productivity enhancement

By proactively managing employee schedules, managers can ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time, leading to improved productivity and better customer experiences.

Improved Compliance

Effective shift management can help businesses avoid legal trouble and penalties by ensuring that employees are working within the confines of the law. Managers can easily stay in touch with their staff and address any last-minute scheduling adjustments with the help of CloudApper Shift Confirmation.

Accuracy of Data 

CloudApper Shift Confirmation ensures that all employee data is correct and up-to-date by integrating with your existing UKG system, resulting in better decision-making and fewer errors. Using CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation, you can see in real-time when employees are scheduled to work and if there are any gaps in coverage, allowing you to easily take preventative measures.

Workflows That Can Be Modified

CloudApper Shift Confirmation allows organizations to customize the solution workflow to match their exact business needs, leading to a better fit for your organization and better outcomes.

Proactive shift management by an organization is crucial to the success of the business. Organizations may receive real-time visibility into staff schedules, as well as real-time visibility into labor expenses, productivity, employee happiness, compliance, communication, and data accuracy by implementing a solution like CloudApper Shift Confirmation. Contact us to learn more about how it can enhance your UKG solution.