Nurses are vital members of the medical community who play an important part in assuring the delivery of care that is of the highest possible standard to patients. Managing nurse staffing, on the other hand, can be a difficult endeavor, particularly when it comes to ensuring that nurses show up on time for their shifts and remain on-site for the whole of their working hours. A native solution is provided by UKG for managing nurse staffing, although it is possible that this solution can not provide all of the essential capabilities to handle these challenges. CloudApper is able to customize the UKG system to better serve the needs of UKG healthcare clients and aid them with shift confirmation to prevent unexpected employee no-shows or absenteeism.

One of the most critical obstacles that nursing staffing businesses must overcome is the task of ensuring that their nurses report for their shifts at the scheduled time. Arrivals that are late might potentially create delays in medical care and damage the image of your firm. CloudApper is able to provide a solution to this problem by including a capability for sending SMS notifications into the UKG solution. With this capability, you are able to “ping” your nurses in advance of their scheduled shifts in order to determine whether or not they are available and how far away they are. You’ll have a much easier time managing your staffing needs and ensuring that your nurses will show up on time for their shifts if you do things this way.

It is an additional substantial issue for nursing staffing businesses to ensure that their nurses are present on-site during the whole of their shifts. This is very necessary in order to provide high-quality treatment to patients while also ensuring the safety of your nurses. CloudApper is able to modify the UKG system so that a customized workflow can be established in order to handle this problem. This gives you the ability to send a text message to a particular nurse or to all of the nurses, seeking confirmation that they are still present at the facility. By giving a response to the notice, the nurse may attest to the patient’s existence. This data can assist you in more effectively managing your staffing needs and ensuring that your nurses are providing superior care to your patients.

SMS-based notifications provided by CloudApper make it possible for UKG healthcare clients to more effectively manage their personnel. It guarantees that their nurses will be there on time for their shifts and will be there for the whole of their scheduled workday. Because this individualized solution can be modified to cater to the requirements of each individual company, addressing staffing issues with its help is an efficient method to go about it.

In conclusion, regulating the staffing levels of nurses is an essential component of providing high-quality care to patients. CloudApper is able to help UKG healthcare clients in assuring the timely presence of their nurses by customizing the UKG system to match the requirements of their organization. Alerts that are based on SMS allow businesses to improve their workforce management, allowing them to ensure that their nurses arrive on time for their shifts and remain on-site during the whole of their working hours. Get in touch with CloudApper right now to find out more about the ways in which they can help you with your workforce requirements.