Employee no-shows can create major organizational issues, ranging from lost productivity and revenue to increased stress, customer dissatisfaction, and decreased employee morale. These last-minute absences can leave managers scrambling to find a replacement, putting an additional burden on the remaining employees and causing chaos in the workplace. Fortunately, for UKG users, the CloudApper Solution Community brings Shift Confirmation. It’s a powerful solution that prevents the issues caused by no-shows to ensure that the UKG customer’s processes are running smoothly – let’s dive in!

Shift Confirmation for UKG Users Prevents Employee No-shows

Shift Confirmation is powered by CloudApper – a comprehensive platform that works seamlessly with UKG. Shift Confirmation pulls relevant employee data from UKG and leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect workers with problematic attendance records. The solution then “pings” these employees to confirm their availability for upcoming shifts. The solution notifies the manager of the employee’s response so that they know in advance if an employee is unavailable and take corrective actions.

Why UKG Customers Experiencing Employee No-shows Should Choose Shift Confirmation

As mentioned previously, one of the key benefits of Shift Confirmation is its seamless integration with UKG solutions. By automatically pulling employee data, the CloudApper solution enables managers to manage workforce coverage gaps better and stay on top of potential absences in real-time. This not only reduces the risk of no-show events but also helps ensure that operations run smoothly and that employees are productive and engaged. All of this ultimately helps improve customer satisfaction and the organization’s bottom line.

Another key benefit of CloudApper Shift Confirmation is its ability to customize the solution workflow to match the exact needs of your business. Whether you need to send notifications over SMS, email, Slack, Mattermost, or similar messaging apps, we can configure our solution to ensure that the triggers send notifications via the preferred channel. By tailoring the solution’s workflow to the UKG customer’s specific requirements, we ensure that the customer gets the most out of the solution since it perfectly conforms to the user’s workflow. This involves extending the workflow to notify other employees who are available to cover the vacant shift and more similar workflows as per user requirements

One of the most powerful features of CloudApper Shift Confirmation is its ability to identify employees with a problematic attendance history using AI. By analyzing historical attendance data, this solution can flag individuals who are at risk of missing their shifts, enabling managers to take proactive steps to prevent no-show events before they occur. This not only helps ensure that operations run smoothly but also reduces issues caused by no-show events as well as minimizes losses.

Use Shift Confirmation for UKG and Prevent No-show Events

When it comes to employee no-shows, prevention is always better than cure. By implementing CloudApper Shift Confirmation, UKG customers can take a proactive approach to manage their no-show issues and ensure that operations run smoothly. By leveraging the power of AI, the solution by CloudApper enables managers to take proactive steps to prevent no-show events before they occur, ensuring that shifts are always fully staffed and that employees are productive and engaged. Contact us now to learn more about it and how we can help your organization.