Effective management of employees is one of the most pressing problems facing modern enterprises. In order to maximize profits, businesses must optimize workforce scheduling while keeping job costs to a minimum. Staff members who don’t show up for work when they are scheduled constitute a significant contributor to the disruption of this delicate balance. Understaffing due to such unplanned absences can lead to major disruptions in service and financial losses. Yet, problems like these can be avoided altogether and improve WFM Efficiency with Shift Confirmation for UKG

Shift Confirmation for UKG

CloudApper Shift Confirmation for UKG is a cutting-edge technology that uses AI to detect workers with poor attendance records. The solution pings the employee to verify their availability for upcoming shifts. Whenever an employee is going to be absent from their shift, the manager is notified in advance so that they can find a replacement or deal with their request for time off before the shift begins. This preventative measure guarantees sufficient coverage, eliminating the need to worry about the office collapsing due to an unexpected absence.

The custom UKG solution by CloudApper ensures seamless integration with your existing UKG solution, allowing you to rapidly receive employee information. This eliminates the need for managers to spend time and resources on manual data scraping.

The solution notifies workers before their shifts begin, requesting confirmation of their presence. An automated alert is sent out to managers if an employee responds negatively or does not respond within the time limit of being contacted giving management the opportunity to take appropriate measures to ensure the shift is covered. Staffing problems can be avoided, and financial losses avoided, with this strategy.

WFM Efficiency with Shift Confirmation

CloudApper Shift Confirmation can improve the effectiveness of human resource management in the following ways:

Automated data synchronization is possible with the help of CloudApper Shift Confirmation, which integrates with any UKG solution and handles data synchronization on your behalf. This avoids the time-consuming and prone-to-error process of keying in data manually.

CloudApper Shift Confirmation provides real-time visibility into prospective absences, allowing for more effective management of workforce coverage gaps. Management can pinpoint problems and take corrective action swiftly, ensuring a sufficient workforce to meet operational demands. 

You can customize CloudApper Shift Confirmation’s workflows to meet the specific requirements of your company. Customization options make it easy to adapt the solution to your unique needs and procedures.

CloudApper Shift Confirmation employs artificial intelligence to determine which staff members have a history of tardiness. This information is useful for managers who can then take preventative measures. Like providing counseling or training to limit the number of times an employee needs to call out sick.

Shift notifications
Managers can use CloudApper Shift Confirmation to send shift notifications by SMS, email, Slack, Mattermost, or any other channel they like. This guarantees that staff members receive alerts in a timely manner and that managers receive responses in a timely fashion.

By reducing the number of last-minute absences and making sure there are always enough workers to satisfy production demands, CloudApper Shift Confirmation is a cutting-edge tool that can help organizations operate more effectively. There is complete compatibility with all UKG solutions, and the solution can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any firm. CloudApper Shift Confirmation helps UKG users maximize the effectiveness of their workforce management efforts and safeguard against financial loss.