No-show events, where employees fail to show up for their scheduled shifts, can cause significant disruptions in the workplace. It can lead to increased stress for managers, financial losses due to inadequate staffing, and decreased productivity. However, with CloudApper Shift Confirmation, a powerful solution for UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) users, you can effectively manage and prevent such incidents, ensuring smooth operations and optimal workforce coverage.

CloudApper Shift Confirmation is an AI-powered solution that identifies employees with a problematic attendance history and proactively pings them to confirm their availability for their scheduled shifts. Managers are then alerted in advance of any potential last-minute absences, allowing them to take prompt action to schedule replacements and handle time off requests before the shifts begin. This proactive approach ensures adequate coverage and minimizes disruptions caused by unexpected absences.

Seamless Integration with UKG Solutions

One of the key features of CloudApper Shift Confirmation is its seamless integration with any UKG solution. Employee schedule data can be instantly retrieved from your UKG solution using the CloudApper connector for UKG, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This ensures accurate and up-to-date scheduling information, making it easier to manage workforce coverage gaps.

Proactive Confirmation of Shift Attendance

With CloudApper Shift Confirmation, you can customize the solution workflow to match your exact business needs. You can configure the solution to send notifications to employees via SMS, email, Slack, Mattermost, or similar messaging apps, ensuring that employees receive prompt reminders to confirm their shift attendance. This helps improve employee accountability and reduces the chances of no-show events.

Identification of Employees with Attendance Issues

The AI capabilities of CloudApper Shift Confirmation enable you to identify employees with a problematic attendance history. The solution analyzes historical attendance data and flags employees who have a pattern of frequent absences or late arrivals. Managers can then proactively address attendance issues with these employees, helping them improve their attendance and reduce the likelihood of no-show events.

Real-time Knowledge of Potential Absences

In addition to preventing no-show events, CloudApper Shift Confirmation also provides real-time knowledge of potential absences, allowing managers to make informed decisions in managing workforce coverage gaps. By being alerted in advance of any potential absences, managers can take prompt action to schedule replacements or rearrange shifts, ensuring that there are enough employees available to meet operational requirements.

Customization to Match Business Needs

CloudApper Shift Confirmation also offers flexibility in managing shifts and notifications. You can easily configure the solution to match your organization’s shift scheduling rules and notification preferences. Whether you have fixed or flexible shifts, CloudApper Shift Confirmation can adapt to your business requirements, making it a versatile solution for managing no-show events.


In summary, CloudApper Shift Confirmation is a powerful solution for UKG users that helps efficiently manage no-show events in the workplace. By proactively identifying employees with attendance issues, sending notifications for shift confirmations, and providing real-time knowledge of potential absences, the solution enables managers to prevent disruptions caused by no-show events and ensure optimal workforce coverage. With its seamless integration with UKG solutions, customization options, and AI capabilities, CloudApper Shift Confirmation is a reliable tool for improving attendance management and avoiding workplace chaos due to unexpected absences.