While we cheer for our favorite teams in stadiums, little do we wonder about the people who make these huge events not only possible but also enjoyable – the staff members. In the world of stadium operations, ensuring smooth event execution is paramount for the events to be successful, and that’s what the staff members help with. However, for an organization running stadium operations for a reputable university, a significant challenge frequently hindered its operations – manually confirming employee shift attendance. While this might seem quite simple on paper, it can become complicated and create chaos. The organization in question is actually a UKG customer, and, fortunately, one of our solutions is perfect for solving this specific issue regarding shift confirmation.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the challenges the UKG customer faced regarding employee shift attendance and how CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation Solution is perfect for digitizing and streamlining shift attendance.

Issues the UKG Customer Faced Regarding Employee Shift Attendance

Since the UKG customer runs stadium operations, before any event, it needs to coordinate with the university’s staff members, like bartenders, cleaners, coordinators, caterers, stewards, and others, so that everything runs smoothly. However, instead of focusing on their actual jobs, the UKG customer’s employees have to spend most of their time confirming employee shift attendance, and that too, manually! The process involved multiple rounds of phone calls, emails, or messages and follow-ups to ensure sufficient staff coverage. In doing so, valuable time and resources were diverted from critical tasks, hindering overall productivity and causing unnecessary stress. This manual process not only led to inadequate staff members but also required the overseers to put in extra hours to finish all the necessary tasks properly.

The UKG User Discovered CloudApper Can Help Digitize Employee Shift Attendance

Fortunately, as the organization utilizes UKG, they were searching to solve this specific issue and found the CloudApper Solutions Community for UKG. CloudApper has several functionalities that can easily customize and augment UKG solutions to fit customer-specific requirements. Quite naturally, our platform already has a solution that can easily solve their problem – CloudApper Shift Confirmation for UKG.

The CloudApper Shift Confirmation solution can be a game-changer for the UKG customer as it can help them digitize employee shift confirmation.

How CloudApper Shift Confirmation Works

The solution seamlessly integrates with UKG, pulls employee schedules, and employs AI to identify employees with problematic attendance histories. Before their shifts start, the solution automatically pings employees via the organization’s preferred communication channel and asks whether they’ll attend their shifts. All responses are forwarded to the supervisors so that they can identify absent employees and take corrective action. CloudApper basically eliminates manual shift confirmation and can even use SMS to communicate with employees. It’s quick, simple, and easy to use for staff members and supervisors and perfectly fits this UKG customer’s needs.

However, it’s perfect for any UKG customer that needs to simplify or digitize employee shift attendance – here’s why.

Customizable and Tailored to Specific Needs

One of the key strengths of CloudApper Shift Confirmation lies in its flexibility and customization options. No matter the requirement or workflow, CloudApper can tailor the solution to match the requirements. For instance, organizations can configure how much in advance employees are contacted regarding their shifts or how they’re contacted (SMS, email, or other messaging platforms).

Efficient Alerts and Prompt Action

CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation eliminates the time-consuming and manual ways of confirming shift attendance and automatically pings employees. In case an employee’s response is negative or fails to reply within a specified timeframe, an alert is triggered, enabling managers to take prompt action to ensure shift coverage. This real-time visibility and proactive strategy helps organizations stay one step ahead and mitigate the risks associated with employee no-show events.

Streamlined Operations

By automating shift confirmation, UKG customers can reduce the manual workload and optimize operational efficiency. Moreover, managers can focus more on their core tasks rather than manually confirming which employees will be available for their shifts – improving overall productivity.

Real-Time Visibility

With CloudApper Shift Confirmation, managers can gain real-time visibility into shift confirmation statuses, allowing them to identify and address any coverage gaps quickly.

Seamless Integration

CloudApper’s solution seamlessly integrates with UKG software, eliminating manual data entry requirements and ensuring accurate and up-to-date employee schedule data.

Choose CloudApper to Digitize Employee Shift Attendance

For the UKG customer mentioned above, CloudApper’s Shift Confirmation solution can easily be the missing piece of the puzzle. The team can achieve a significant transformation in their operations by automating shift confirmation and eliminating the effects of employee no-show events. They can redirect their resources towards providing exceptional event experiences, streamlining stadium operations, and eliminating interruptions and delays. As a UKG customer, CloudApper’s customizable and efficient solution can be invaluable in their quest for streamlined and successful stadium operations.

Are you struggling with manual shift confirmation? Discover the power of CloudApper Shift Confirmation today and revolutionize your shift management processes, ensuring optimal coverage, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind.

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