The ongoing issue of frontline turnover presents significant challenges for organizations striving for efficiency and a stable workforce in the ever-changing field of human resources. Addressing this pressing issue necessitates innovative solutions, and the incorporation of tools powered by AI technology has become critical. hrPad is an advanced HR service delivery solution powered by AI. This article explains how, when combined with UKG solutions, hrPad is changing employee engagement and lowering frontline turnover. It gives businesses a new way to develop a solid and efficient workforce.

Understanding Frontline Turnover

Frontline turnover is a significant issue for businesses. It occurs when employees interacting with customers or holding important positions leave the company. This is a problem for many different types of businesses. Employees who have direct contact with customers significantly influence how customers perceive the company and how well it operates. Frequent employee departures in frontline positions can result in increased costs for finding new hires, interruptions in service delivery, and difficulties maintaining consistent organizational performance. Dealing with this issue necessitates the use of cutting-edge solutions, and thanks to the existence of AI, businesses now have practical tools to handle and reduce the challenges of employees leaving their positions.

hrPad: an AI-driven Solution

hrPad is a modern HR solution that boosts employee engagement and helps keep frontline employees on board. hrPad simplifies HR processes by seamlessly connecting with UKG solutions, resulting in a personalized and efficient experience. Employees have the tools they need to succeed, thanks to the availability of up-to-date data insights, accurate time and attendance tracking, and a wide range of self-service workflows. Companies can use hrPad to boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, and fortify their frontline workforce for long-term success.

Benefits of hrPad and Uses in Reduction of Frontline Turnover

The Streamlined Onboarding Advantage

A lengthy and complicated onboarding process significantly contributes to high turnover rates. However, hrPad provides a streamlined onboarding process that enables new hires to handle critical tasks such as time and attendance management. Employees can easily fit into their positions and begin making valuable contributions immediately by reducing the time it takes them to learn and adapt.

Accurate Time and Attendance

Frontline employees appreciate precision, especially when tracking their time and attendance. Employees can clock in and out using tablets. Keeping accurate time makes people happier with their jobs and ensures that they are paid fairly, which fosters a positive work environment.

AI Assitant for Employee Support

Cost Savings Through Automation

Using hrPad to automate time and attendance systems not only improves accuracy but also saves money for organizations. By reducing the manual work that HR teams must do, they will have more money available for other important HR projects, particularly those aimed at retaining employees.

Personalized HR Support

Empowering employees with access to their HR information through hrPad fosters a sense of control and capability. When people can manage HR-related tasks independently, it increases their overall job happiness and reduces feelings of powerlessness.

Stop Frontline Employee Turnover with AI
CloudApper AI

Stop Frontline Employee Turnover with AI

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Self-Service Workflows

hrPad empowers employees to initiate and complete HR tasks independently through self-service workflows. Whether you need to request time off, update your profile, or review your benefits, these streamlined procedures help HR departments work more efficiently, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of workforce management.


Combining AI-powered hrPad and UKG solutions is essential in reducing turnover among frontline employees. hrPad significantly contributes to creating a positive work environment by focusing on critical areas such as streamlining the onboarding process, ensuring accurate time tracking, providing real-time data insights, and providing comprehensive HR support. HR decision-makers must implement strategic hrPad to maintain stability, retain frontline talent, and achieve long-term organizational success. Although dealing with frontline turnover can be difficult, providing HR teams with tools like hrPad can help reduce recruitment frequency, promoting a sense of loyalty within the organization. Contact us today to explore how hrPad can shape your workforce management for sustained success.