Companies are looking for new ways to improve satisfaction with work and reduce turnover the number of people leaving the company in today’s rapidly changing business world, where keeping talented employees is extremely important. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become essential in changing how human resources are handled amid these revolutionary technologies. CloudApper AI-Tablet is one innovative solution gaining traction in human capital management (HCM). It is specifically designed to work well with UKG HCM. This article will look into the impact of surveys conducted with CloudApper hrPad. We will examine how these surveys can improve employee well-being and reduce turnover rates.

The Pivotal Role of Employee Wellbeing

Employee well-being has become an essential focus in organizational strategies, which makes sense. Creating a workplace environment that values well-being is directly related to better job satisfaction, higher productivity, and, most importantly, lower employee turnover. Employee turnover strains the human resources department and harms the organization’s overall performance and employee morale.

CloudApper AI-Tablet: An Overview

CloudApper hrPad is a cutting-edge HR service delivery solution that transforms any Android tablet or iPad into an intelligent assistant for frontline employees. This adaptable platform integrates well with UKG HCM, improving employee punch submissions, self-service features, recruitment processes, HR support, and other tasks. CloudApper AI-Tablet provides a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to improve HR processes and employee well-being. It prioritizes usability and includes AI-powered features.

Instant Surveys: A Strategic Tool for Wellbeing and Retention

CloudApper hrPad’s Instant Surveys feature is critical in improving well-being and lowering turnover. Unlike traditional surveys conducted regularly, Instant Surveys provide organizations with immediate feedback on their employees’ overall feelings and opinions. Employees can provide immediate feedback on various aspects of their work environment, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

It is a significant advantage for HR decision-makers to be able to collect feedback on time and automate routine tasks. Recognizing and dealing with issues quickly allows organizations to create a more supportive and focused work environment for their employees. A proactive approach can significantly boost employee morale, job satisfaction, and well-being.

The Link Between Wellbeing and Turnover Reduction

Employee turnover rates are expected to rise in 2023, with a 46.8% turnover rate predicted in the United States. Employee well-being and the rate at which they leave their jobs are consistently linked in studies. Encourage, involved, and valued employees are more likely to stay with a company. Companies can use the Instant Surveys feature of the CloudApper hrPad in the UKG HCM system to identify areas for improvement, make changes quickly, and demonstrate a genuine commitment to employee wellness.

Reducing turnover entails more than just implementing reactive strategies; it also entails creating an environment where employees’ needs and concerns are actively addressed. CloudApper AI-Tablet, when combined with UKG HCM, is a valuable tool for achieving this balance.

Tailoring Solutions with AI-Driven Insights

The CloudApper AI-Tablet does more than collect survey results. It employs AI-driven insights to provide HR professionals with actionable information. The platform’s ability to analyze data aids in discovering trends, patterns, and potential areas of concern. With this information, HR teams can develop tailored solutions to specific challenges, improving the overall well-being of the workforce.

The Role of Employee Wellbeing in Organizational Success

Companies prioritizing employee well-being aren’t just going through the motions but actively investing in their success. Employees are more likely to be motivated, efficient, and dedicated to achieving the company’s goals when their needs are met, their opinions are valued, and their efforts are recognized. Furthermore, a positive work environment that prioritizes employee well-being attracts highly skilled individuals, significantly decreasing employee turnover.


Organizations want strategic solutions beyond standard ways to reduce turnover and prioritize well-being. CloudApper hrPad can be used on any tablet or iPad and is easily linked with UKG HCM. Companies can proactively build a workplace that retains valuable people and supports a culture of continual growth and employee happiness by using Instant Surveys and technological insights. As businesses struggle to retain skilled people, combining CloudApper hrPad with UKG HCM demonstrates a forward-thinking investment. Contact us for a better and more sustainable future.