Organizations need to have accurate employee data and make decisions based on that data. At the same time, they also need to keep track of employee performance. But this can be hard to do when you have a lot of employee data from many different places. UKG solutions provide a few dashboards but lack customization, making it harder to make informed decisions. Using employee profile dashboards for UKG solutions, managers can better plan the workforce and make better decisions.

Customizable Employee Profile Dashboards for UKG

CloudApper App community for UKG provides customizable employee profile dashboards to provide a bird’s-eye view of employee information. The solution provides a few pre-developed dashboards, and the employee data is directly pulled from the UKG solutions via the Rest API. Let’s look at how customizable dashboards for employee profiles can change the way UKG users plan their workforce.

Dashboard for education analytics

The education analytics dashboard gives important information about employees’ schooling. With this dashboard, organizations can get a full picture of the degrees and fields of study of their employees, which helps them make better decisions about how to manage their talent.

Dashboard for employment analytics

The employment analytics dashboard shows important information about employees’ length of service, job titles, job changes, and annual salaries. This information can help companies get the most out of their employees and come up with competitive pay packages.

Dashboard for performance analytics

The performance analytics dashboard shows key metrics about how well employees are doing, so organizations can see who is doing well and who might need more help. The dashboard can also be used to keep track of how employees are doing over time. This gives a full picture of how employees are growing. The performance analytics dashboard can help organizations make plans for managing employee performance that is more effective and improve employee engagement.

Dashboard for employee demographics

The employee demographics analytics dashboard gives an overview of the gender, race, and age of employees, among other things. With this dashboard, organizations can make sure there is equality and diversity between men and women and plan their workforces in a strategic way. The employee demographics analytics dashboard can help organizations find possible biases in the hiring process and make targeted recruitment plans to bring in a more diverse workforce.

Skills analytics dashboard

The skills analytics dashboard gives organizations information about the skills of their employees. This lets them find skill gaps and make programs to fill them. The skills analytics dashboard can also be used to find high-performing employees with skills that are in demand. This lets companies make plans to keep these valuable workers.

Workforce planning facilitated by employee profile dashboards

Customizable dashboards for UKG give organizations a customized view of employee data, which helps them make better decisions about how to manage their employees. With pre-built API connections, integrating UKG solutions is no longer a difficult or time-consuming procedure.

Dashboards for employee profiles can help the people who make the most important decisions. When organizations have all the information they need at their fingertips, they can make better decisions about workforce planning, keeping employees, and hiring. Customizable employee profile dashboards also give organizations real-time information that helps them respond quickly to changes in the market and stay competitive.

Custom dashboards for employee profiles can also make employees more productive and interested in their work. Organizations can help employees improve their skills and work more efficiently by figuring out where their skills are lacking and creating training and development programs that fill those gaps. Customizable employee profile dashboards can also help you find your best employees and make plans to keep them, which can boost morale and engagement.

Employee profile dashboards by CloudApper UKG solutions can change the way workforce planning is done by giving key decision-makers valuable information on one platform. Tell us what your requirements are, and we will provide them in a snap using CloudApper employee profile dashboards for UKG. To learn more about it, please get in touch with us.