Business intelligence (BI) is used for several purposes across organizations, and for valid reasons. BI enables organizations to collect, analyze, and interpret critical data to understand patterns and make data-driven decisions. In short, it provides decision-makers with access to timely and reliable information and analytics that can help them not only make better decisions but to understand patterns and address concerns within the company.

Gradually, BI has also made its way into workforce management. BI, when fed with employee data, can be used to improve productivity and make data-driven staffing decisions. By providing valuable employee information, BI helps managers with recruitment insights, predictive analysis, an overview of the organization, and more. All of this helps organizations make smarter decisions and gain more insight regarding employees, branches, or teams.

Organizations using UKG software already have a large amount of employee information available – something that can be utilized using the CloudApper community for UKG. For instance, CloudApper provides UKG customers with powerful BI dashboards that allow them to visualize employee data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

That being said, let’s explore why UKG customers should choose CloudApper’s custom dashboards to leverage the power of BI using data from their existing UKG solutions.

Why UKG Customers Should Go for CloudApper’s BI Dashboards

Seamlessly Works with UKG

One of the key benefits of using CloudApper’s BI dashboards is that the platform seamlessly integrates with UKG solutions – which means that it can easily exchange employee information with UKG. This allows UKG customers to always have updated employee information about their workforce, which is crucial for making informed decisions and improving overall workforce management.

Helps Provide a Deeper Understanding of Your Workforce

With our custom BI dashboards for UKG, customers can identify trends, gain deeper insights, and address gaps. For example, using our solution, a business can quickly identify which branches, employees, or teams are performing well and which ones are struggling, and then take appropriate actions to mitigate the issues. Additionally, if an organization implements a strategy regarding workforce management and wants to understand its effectiveness, it can use our custom dashboards to identify the precise changes.

Within our custom BI dashboards, any chart or graph is clickable. UKG customers can dig deeper to identify red flags such as poor performers in terms of employees, departments, stores, or anything else required. Whenever the customer clicks on the graph or chart, our solution will provide a list of the information such as employees, departments, locations, etc. associated with it. Conversely, UKG customers can also identify top performers using the BI dashboards.

Provides Easily Understandable and Customizable BI Dashboards

One of the critical parts that make or break dashboards is whether they present relevant data to the users. Thanks to CloudApper being a no-code platform, the BI dashboards are entirely customizable. Our Solution Engineers can customize the dashboards as per the requirements so that the solution presents the exact data customers need.

CloudApper’s BI dashboards also present all the information in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, thereby making it easier to understand trends and make informed decisions. Our platform also helps add several dashboards regarding various aspects such as the company’s overview, predictive analytics, compensation analysis, recruitment insights, and anything else required.

Harness the Power of BI Using Our Custom Dashboards

CloudApper’s BI dashboards are an incredibly powerful feature that UKG customers can add to their existing UKG solution to better understand hidden patterns. It provides insights into employee data, presenting the information in easy-to-understand formats, thereby helping UKG customers understand information and make informed decisions quickly.

Contact us now to learn how the CloudApper community for UKG can help your organization leverage the power of BI dashboards.