Optimizing workforce management is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing market. One of the ways several organizations achieve that is through UKG software solutions – these are built for managing large workforces, reducing costs, and optimizing performance. However, UKG customers can make the most out of their existing solutions using the CloudApper community. While UKG solutions are competent on their own, complementing them with the CloudApper no-code AI platform enables organizations to add new functionalities to their existing solutions! The CloudApper community houses a plethora of functionalities that are perfect for squeezing the most out of UKG solutions.

That being said, let’s further explore why the CloudApper platform is an ideal tool that complements your existing UKG solutions and what kind of features can be included.

CloudApper Perfectly Complements UKG Solutions

The CloudApper community has been created with UKG users in mind – it’s all about making workforce management easier for them. With CloudApper, UKG customers can add new functionalities that seamlessly integrate and work with their solutions – all without the need for expensive research or developers. CloudApper allows UKG customers to quickly and easily optimize their workforce management processes without resorting to costly and time-consuming IT projects that can take several months.

Another key advantage of using the CloudApper community is that organizations can add any kind of solution to their UKG software. As a result, the platform can meet the unique needs and requirements of each UKG customer for workforce management optimization!

The Possibilities CloudApper Creates for UKG Users

The CloudApper community for UKG helps organizations add various useful functionalities – here are a few of them.

Robust Data Analysis

The CloudApper platform offers powerful data analytics capabilities that allow UKG customers to gain valuable insights into their workforce management operations using the data pulled from UKG. This can help them identify areas where improvements are needed, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their workforce and maximize productivity.

Adding Attestations to Time Clocks

One of the key functionalities that CloudApper can add to UKG solutions is the ability to add attestations to employee time clocks during punching in or out. This enables the organization to ask a number of questions whenever the employee submits a punch. Attestations are crucial for several US organizations as many states have legal issues regarding a worker’s break hours. UKG customers using CloudApper ensure that they are keeping track of the employees’ statements when they are submitting punches.

Moreover, attestations have other purposes, such as serving as reminders for crucial employee tasks. When employees punch in or out, they are provided with popups that show additional instructions and ask them about certain tasks. Also, some certain industries ask different questions to employees regarding their shifts, tips they have earned during shifts, and more. For such cases – CloudApper’s attestation is perfect for UKG customers as it helps ask questions to employees before they punch out for the day.

One of the key functionalities that CloudApper can add to UKG solutions is the ability to add attestations to employee time clocks. This ensures that each employee’s time punches are verified and accurate, which in turn can help reduce time and attendance errors and ensure that workers are paid correctly for their work time.

Preventing Employee Time Theft

Another powerful feature that CloudApper can add to an organization’s UKG software is the ability to ensure employee verification during employee punches. This can be done by adding a facial recognition feature to the employee time clock, which requires each employee to look at the tablet’s camera (off-the-shelf tablets can be used as inexpensive time clocks) to confirm their identity before they can clock in or out. This guarantees that only authorized employees can punch the clock while also preventing time and attendance fraud.

Adding Geofencing for Employees Outside the Facilities

With the rise of remote work and those working on the field, tracking employee locations during punches becomes crucial. In this light, CloudApper, through geofencing, verifies employee locations whenever they are punching in or out remotely, thereby helping to prevent time theft.

Tracking Employee Tasks

CloudApper also allows UKG customers to track the amount of time workers spend on tasks using NFC tags and authorized devices. NFC tags are placed at locations where employees need to punch in or punch out – they do so with their authorized smartphones or tablets. The platform accepts their punch-in only when they scan the NFC tag, and after completing the task, they again scan the tag to punch out. This can help businesses to better understand how workers spend their time and identify areas where managers can make improvements.

Moreover, different NFC tags and QR codes can hold different information regarding tasks. So, whenever employees start a specific task, they will need to scan that task’s NFC tag or QR code to punch in for that task. Afterward, when he/she is done with that task and wants to switch to a different task, the employee will have to punch in again with the new task’s NFC tag or QR code which will allow the person to punch out from the previous task along with letting him punch in for the new task. This, in a nutshell, keeps track of the time spent on every single task with accuracy.

Report Generation for Performance Reviews

Another powerful feature that CloudApper offers for UKG solutions is the ability to generate customizable reports to review the performance of employees, teams, or branches. These reports can be used to identify areas of strength and limitations, measure productivity, identify top performers, and make data-driven decisions to optimize the workforce.

Ensuring Employee Availability

The CloudApper platform also helps UKG customers to confirm employees’ availability by pinging them before their shifts start. This can help managers to ensure that enough workers are available for their shifts, and can help reduce staff shortages and unplanned absenteeism.

Sending Employees Customized Notifications Based on Triggers

Finally, CloudApper allows UKG customers to send customized alerts as notifications to employees or managers to remind them of specific events or tasks; this can help keep managers informed of employee absences, birthdays, or employee time clock punches.

CloudApper Is the Perfect Tool to Enhance Your UKG Experience

In conclusion, the CloudApper platform offers a wide range of functionalities that can help UKG customers optimize their workforce management processes, reduce costs, make better decisions, and make the most out of their workforce. With its powerful automation capabilities, data analytics, and customizable nature, it can help UKG customers save time and resources as well as improve their overall efficiency – enabling them to make data-driven decisions that drive productivity and growth.