In today’s competitive job market, compensation planning is more critical than ever before. Companies need to ensure they are offering fair and competitive compensation to attract and retain top talent. However, manually managing compensation planning can be a daunting and time-consuming task. This is where CloudApper’s custom dashboard for UKG can revolutionize the process.

With CloudApper’s custom dashboard for UKG, companies can automate and streamline the compensation planning process. The dashboard provides an intuitive interface that allows HR professionals to manage different HR plans such as, employee retention, pay equity, compensation and budgets easily. The dashboard can import data from UKG’s HR and payroll solutions, making it easy to access and manage employee compensation information.

One of the significant benefits of CloudApper’s custom dashboard for UKG is its ability to create custom compensation plans. The dashboard allows HR professionals to create and manage compensation plans for employees based on various factors such as job title, department, location, and more. This flexibility ensures that compensation plans are tailored to meet the needs of the organization and its employees.

The dashboard also provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. HR professionals can access real-time data on compensation based on gender, location, age, seniority, expertise, education etc. allowing them to make informed decisions quickly. The dashboard also provides insights into compensation trends and allows HR professionals to identify potential issues, such as pay disparities, before they become a problem.

CloudApper’s custom dashboard for UKG also ensures that compensation planning is fair and compliant. The dashboard can incorporate factors such as age, gender, race, and other demographic information to ensure that compensation plans are fair and unbiased. In addition to this, the dashboard can assist organizations in meeting regulatory requirements such as those outlined in the Equal Pay Act and other applicable labor laws.

The ability of CloudApper’s custom dashboard for UKG to automate the process of compensation planning is another advantage offered by this solution. The dashboard has the capability to automate the calculation of compensation plans, removing the need for any calculations to be performed manually. This guarantees that the company’s compensation plans are accurate and adhere to a unified standard across the board.

In conclusion, the customizable dashboard that CloudApper has developed for UKG Pro, Dimensions and other third party HCM solutions has the potential to completely transform the way compensation plans are created. In addition to offering a user-friendly interface, robust analytical tools, and robust reporting capabilities, the dashboard is capable of automating the process of compensation planning. HR professionals are able to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently because they possess the ability to create individualized compensation plans, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and recognize the existence of potential problems. The end result is a compensation plan that is both reasonable and aggressive in comparison to those offered by other employers in today’s highly competitive labor market.