Managing unplanned absences in the workplace can be a challenge for any business. When an employee takes unexpected leave or is absent for any reason, it can disrupt operations and decrease productivity and efficiency. It can also be overwhelming for remaining employees who may have to take on an additional workload.

How Can Unplanned Absences Impact Business?

Costs to the Business

Unexpected absences cost the company money in many different ways. The company must fill the vacant shift when an employee is absent to maintain business operations. The company may have to pay other employees extra to cover absent employees. Work may need to be rescheduled or delayed if there is no replacement. 

Decreased Productivity 

Unplanned absences can have a negative impact on the productivity and efficiency of a workplace. When an employee is unexpectedly absent, it can disrupt the workflow and decrease productivity. This can be particularly challenging if the absent employee holds a key role or is responsible for important tasks. When employees are unable to come to work, they may be unable to complete their assigned work, leading to a backlog of jobs. 

Increased Workload for Remaining Employees

When an employee is unexpectedly absent from work, the remaining employees may have to take on additional responsibilities and workload to compensate for the missing team member. This can be overwhelming, especially if the absent employee has a key role or is responsible for important tasks. 

How Can UKG Customers Prevent It?

ShiftConfirm is an innovative application developed by CloudApper to help UKG customers manage and prevent unexpected absences in the workplace. With this app, employees are notified one hour before their shift starts, allowing them to confirm whether they will be able to attend. If an employee is unable to attend, the app sends a notification to the administrator, allowing the business to take the necessary steps to cover the shift. 

In addition, ShiftConfirm also includes a fully automated process and can pull employee data from UKG Dimensions with connectors, saving time by eliminating the need for manual input. This app integrates seamlessly with UKG, providing a low-cost solution for different industries.

With ShiftConfirm, UKG customers can easily manage their workforce and ensure they have the necessary coverage to maintain productivity and efficiency. With CloudApper’s no-code platform, businesses can customize the app to fit their specific needs and requirements.

Join CloudApper Solution Community for UKG

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