Have you ever wondered if a pay gap exists within your organization? Or, have you ever heard of any discussion about it? If your answer is yes, then, it’s time to conduct a pay gap analysis at your organization in order to either put the discussion to rest or make the necessary changes. But it’s easier said than done. However, if you’re a UKG solutions user, you can easily conduct a pay gap analysis and identify whether such an issue exists within your organization or not, using CloudApper.

That being said, let’s take a look at the CloudApper community for UKG; what exactly it is; what it does; and how it can help UKG users conduct a pay gap analysis.

What Is the CloudApper Community for UKG?

CloudApper is a no-code AI platform that can help extend the functionalities of your UKG solutions. With CloudApper, UKG users can easily create, modify, and add functionalities to their existing solutions. Also, CloudApper helps UKG users to add dashboards, capture employee time with QR codes/NFC tags/biometrics, track employee tasks, ensure HR compliance, send custom notifications, and so much more!

That being said, let’s take a look at how organizations using UKG can conduct a pay gap analysis with CloudApper.

How CloudApper Helps the Conduct of Pay Gap Analysis

Actually, with CloudApper’s connector, connecting UKG solutions like UKG WF Central, Ready, Dimensions, and Pro with CloudApper becomes quick and easy. The connector helps pull data from the UKG solutions, and to interpret it, based on the organization’s requirements.

In this case, for example, the user wants to pull the data from UKG Ready, see the information presented in useful graphs and charts, and then share the results with the management and executives on a website/webpage.

Unfortunately, however, Regular UKG customers don’t have the ability to go to their REST API documentation to retrieve useful information from that data. But, CloudApper can do that easily. With it, UKG customers can easily pull information such as employee names, emails, gender, ethnicity, salary, and any other information required for the pay gap analysis.

After retrieving the information, it can be used to draw reports such as average pay by ethnicity or gender, gender pay disparity, and more. The HR managers can share these results with the management via emails to address the issues and put an end to any pay gaps that may exist within the company.

CloudApper Can Add Customizable Functionalities to Your UKG Solution

CloudApper community for UKG software isn’t only usable for pay gap analysis – UKG users can do much more with it. Organizations can:

  • Ensure that employees are checking in or out from appropriate locations
  • Ensure the prevention of employee time theft and buddy punching
  • Generate customizable reports
  • Convert data into meaningful charts and graphs in dashboards
  • Track employee tasks across your facilities
  • Send notifications regarding important alerts to both employees and management

Still, CloudApper isn’t limited to the aforementioned, it can do so much more. Interestingly, it is a no-code AI platform, and thus, UKG customers can create any functionality and add it to their existing solution with drag-and-drop customizable templates.

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