What are the time clock options for UKG Workforce Ready (WFR)?

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      Our Workforce Ready (WFR) system needs time clock solutions. We use the Intouch 9100 in regular office settings. However, we are seeking options for factory and field level use.

      UKG offers the Intouch DX, however I’m wondering whether there are any alternative time clock options that are better for harsh/field lavel work conditions. We want a time clock that can survive these circumstances and accurately track our employees’ time.

      Please share any time clock systems that work well in tough situations. Any advice on a brand, model, or hardware/software solution would be appreciated.

      Thank you. I look forward to learning about hard environment time clock solutions from you.

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      Matthew Bennett

        Thank you for your Workforce Ready time clock inquiry. We would like to recomend the CloudApper AI TimeClock for your purposes.

        CloudApper AI TimeClock is trustworthy and offers various benefits. First, it enables you utilize it on durable iPads or tablets. It can tolerate tough labor settings.

        CloudApper AI TimeClock also allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere, on- or off-site. Facial recognition, PIN, barcode/QR code, and NFC time capture offer precise and simple time monitoring regardless of your work setting.

        CloudApper AI TimeClock integrates well. It syncs data smoothly with UKG Workforce Ready, eliminating laborious data entry. This connection streamlines payroll and labor administration.

        CloudApper AI TimeClock For UKG/Kronos WFR
        CloudApper AI TimeClock For UKG/Kronos WFR Solution

        CloudApper AI TimeClock is also affordable. Organizations looking for a cost-effective, high-quality time clock solution should consider it.

        These benefits make CloudApper AI TimeClock the best choice for your needs. Explore it and consider using it in your business. Try the iPad/Tablet-based CloudApper AI TimeClock for UKG to learn more and see the benefits.

        This suggestion should help you locate a time clock for difficult work settings. Please ask if you need anything else.

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