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      CloudApper RightPunch is a customizable and highly affordable employee time clock solution for UKG Ready. It utilizes barcodes to verify employees during punch-ins and punch-outs. RightPunch is also cost-effective since it turns any tablet into a barcode time clock device and integrates seamlessly with UKG Ready. UKG users can also customize it entirely to meet their requirements – making CloudApper RightPunch the perfect barcode time clock solution for capturing employee punches.

      RightPunch-for-UKG-ReadyWith RightPunch, UKG Ready users can

      • Verify employees using barcodes (also supports verification using QR codes, facial biometrics, or NFC tags)
      • Enable attestation to comply with employment and labor laws
      • Capture important job transfer and pay code details
      • Create custom data capture forms and reports

      Why choose RightPunch for UKG Ready?


      • Highly affordable: UKG time clocks are expensive. The RightPunch time capture solution is an affordable alternative that verifies employees using barcodes.
      • Versatile: It works with any off-the-shelf Android or iOS mobile or tablet device.
      • Customizable: Add job transfers, attestations, geo-fencing, workflow, personalized alerts, and more.
      • Compatible: RightPunch works with UKG Ready. However, it also supports UKG Central, Dimensions, and Pro.

      RightPunch-identifies-the-employeeBenefits of RightPunch for UKG customers

      • Use barcodes to verify employees’ identities
      • Streamline employee punch-ins and punch-outs
      • Prevent buddy punching
      • Use inexpensive tablets as barcode time clocks
      • Connect with UKG Ready to keep employee time card data up-to-date


      Dashboard for punch-in information
      Punch-in details of a single employee
      Employee punches list
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