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      Introducing RightPunch Dimensions PIN, a powerful new app from CloudApper for UKG Dimensions customers. RightPunch is a time capture app that allows employees to submit punches using their mobile devices easily. With RightPunch, employees can simply input their unique Pin code and submit their punches, all in just a few taps.

      RightPunch integrates seamlessly with UKG/Kronos, providing a low-cost and hygienic time capture experience. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it easy for employees to access it from their phones no matter where they are.

      With RightPunch Dimensions Pin, businesses can streamline their time capture process and improve efficiency while providing employees with a convenient and secure experience. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, RightPunch Dimensions Pin has you covered.


      Streamlined Time Capture: RightPunch Dimensions PIN eliminates the need for manual time tracking, allowing businesses to quickly and easily capture employee punches with the tap of a button.

      Increased Accuracy: By using a unique PIN code for each employee, RightPunch Dimensions PIN ensures that all punches are accurate and free from human error.

      Improved Efficiency: By automating the time capture process, RightPunch Dimensions PIN helps businesses save time and increase productivity.

      Convenience for employees: RightPunch Dimensions PIN allows employees to submit their punches from anywhere, at any time, using their mobile devices.

      Increased Security: With PIN code-based authentication, RightPunch Dimensions PIN provides an extra layer of security to prevent time fraud and unauthorized access.

      Which Industry can use RightPunch Dimensions PIN?

      1. Healthcare
      2. Manufacturing 
      3. Retail 
      4. Hospitality 
      5. Education


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