Human resource (HR) personnel are increasingly depending on AI, chatbots, and automation to reduce HR burdens as the industry faces a drastic upheaval. Artificial intelligence’s (AI) influence has been far-reaching and transformative across many different industries. However, the question that has to be resolved is how to make AI systems accessible to all workers, regardless of their background, expertise, or preferences. One approach to do this is to make your AI system accessible, understandable, usable, and fun for everyone. And tablets/iPads are the ideal solution for providing easy access to AI services while at work.

To maintain a competitive edge in this evolving field, it’s crucial to leverage the right tools. CloudApper’s hrPad emerges as the most suitable solution for accessing AI services among employees. CloudApper’s hrPad is an AI-powered HR service delivery solution that can be accessible from any iPad or Android tablet you want. It was made with UKG users in mind so that AI can reduce their HR burden. It works with all UKG HCM solutions without any problems and can turn any tablet or iPad into an AI-powered HR service delivery device.

Reducing Top 3 HR Burdens with CloudApper’s hrPad

As the HR landscape evolves, modern HR teams face a multitude of burdens, and it’s imperative to have solutions that can effectively alleviate these challenges. CloudApper’s hrPad stands out as a versatile platform that reduces these HR burdens and empowers HR professionals.

Recruiting the Best Talent:

HR Challenges: Modern HR teams need to source uniquely qualified candidates while avoiding unconscious bias. The trend toward open-source talent further complicates the process.

AI Solutions: The job opening feature in hrPad empowers current employees to easily access and view any current job openings within the organization. Additionally, they can refer these opportunities to their network via SMS. This feature allows potential candidates to apply for the job or express their interest in being part of the organization’s talent pool. With the assistance of AI, organizations can effectively build and manage their talent pool, engaging candidates efficiently.

CloudApper’s hrPad AI tablet revolutionizes the recruitment process by eliminating unconscious biases during candidate selection. The platform identifies the most suitable candidates through AI-driven recruiting analytics and simplifies the resume selection process. It also ranks potential hires based on their suitability for the job, ensuring a fair and objective recruitment process.

Streamlining Contingent Onboarding

HR Challenges: Traditional, in-person onboarding processes face significant challenges. Especially when dealing with contingent workforces, onboarding is a huge burden for HR. As organizations increasingly rely on contingent hires, the burden on HR to manage onboarding efficiently continues to grow.

AI Solutions: hrPad offers a comprehensive solution for improving the onboarding-related burden of HR. The AskHR AI chatbot, a core feature of hrPad, plays a pivotal role in automating critical aspects of onboarding. The AskHR AI chatbot is proficient in handling a wide range of onboarding queries, including compliance-related questions, policy clarifications, and information about employee benefits and facilities. The AskHR AI chatbot is available 24/7, ensuring that employees can access onboarding information at their convenience.

This continuous support significantly reduces the need for live staff to be constantly available for onboarding assistance. The result is a highly streamlined and accelerated onboarding process that reduces the burden of both HR and employees.

Employee Insights for Continuous Improvement

HR Challenges: Navigating dynamic work environments and conducting thorough employee evaluations pose significant challenges for HR teams.

AI Solutions: CloudApper’s hrPad offers a powerful solution to address these challenges through its survey feature. During employee clock-out, hrPad randomly selects a survey question from a set of predetermined survey questions and presents it to the employee. 

The survey results are instantly accessible for HR review, and hrPad’s AI capabilities elevate the analysis. Through advanced analytics, hrPad provides valuable insights, empowering HR professionals to make informed decisions. The survey feature enables HR to seamlessly adapt to evolving work structures, conduct effective performance assessments, and support career development. It ensures real-time, unbiased feedback and delivers personalized recommendations for skills training, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


The use of AI to automate routine administrative procedures has greatly eased the workload of human resources departments. Offices that use AI are approximately 20% more productive than those that don’t, thanks to the efficiency-boosting tools that make up AI. Furthermore, because of AI’s contribution to HR, HR departments have had more face time with staff, enabling them to improve connections with staff members and ultimately boost satisfaction and retention rates. Positive results like this are expected to encourage more human resources departments to embrace AI.

AI doesn’t replace human effort; it enhances it, making HR more agile, people-centric, and aligned with the business vision or purpose. If you’re ready to discover how you can leverage AI capabilities to reduce HR burden and create a more efficient, employee-focused, and thriving workplace, take the first step by setting up a free consultation with a solutions expert today.